Jackie Critzer and Scott Cardani have released their new podcast.


Richmond, VA, March 31, 2022— The law can be a confusing thing to navigate. Luckily, Jackie Critzer and Scott Cardani, two experienced attorneys, are here to help you better understand the legal world.

This dynamic duo runs the Critzer Cardani PC firm, and work in many different areas such as divorce, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, child support, and many other fields. 

Now, they are taking their services a step further by creating their new podcast, titled ‘ What To Do When… The Dummies Guide to the Legalverse‘. 

“Hi, I’m Jackie and this is Scott and we are Critzer | Cardani. We are introducing you to our new podcast – What To Do When | A Dummies Guide to the LegalVerse. We will cover hot topics in the news, as well as questions we received from most of our clients, and topics that we cover in court. We might talk about what to do when: your husband leaves, or what to do when your teenager gets in trouble, what to do when you have an interaction with the police how to handle that. We are going to be releasing the podcasts on a regular basis and we will give you an opportunity to send questions ahead of time so that we can answer your questions on the podcast as well. We look forward to helping you in this venture and good luck!” said Jackie Critzer.

The objective of this What To Do When… podcast is to discuss common legal scenarios faced by everyday citizens in Virginia. Critzer and Cardani practice law throughout Virginia and focus their practice around the state’s capital of Richmond, in the Piedmont region.

So far the team has covered topics such as juvenile defense, juvenile sex crimes, reckless driving, the legalization of marijuana in Virginia, divorce 101, and others.

The What To Do When podcast is a video and audio podcast that can be found on all the major platforms including YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

The tone of the podcast is informative yet easy to listen to. The team has mastered the length of the podcast so that you get the most of the information without losing focus. 

Listeners are encouraged to send in suggestions for topics to be mentioned on future podcasts.

“We always take what our listeners suggest into consideration. That’s why we’re doing this, after all,” said Scott Cardani.

What are you waiting for? Check out this podcast today! You can visit the Critzer Cardani website at https://cclawva.com.

About Critzer | Cardani PC: With more than 40 years of combined legal experience in family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy and personal injury, the lawyers at Critzer Cardani PC have developed significant legal experience to guide you in your legal matters. A Different Approach To Law Your encounter with the legal system, whether civil or criminal in nature, is likely related to one of the most emotionally charged events in your life. Ever. The circumstances that lead you into the legal system may be related to a traumatic incident or even a systemic problem. The lawyers at Critzer Cardani PC have a different approach to you and your case. Compassion: We are sympathetic to your unique set of circumstances. In order to serve you best, we strive to analyze each individual person and case to determine how we can be your shelter in the legal storm your face. Representation Tailored to You: In the legal world, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Every solution we work towards is uniquely developed for you and the facts of your case. Zealous Advocacy: A realistic evaluation of your case from the outset can save you money and time. Our mission to serve you equates to comprehensive, cost-effective legal representation.

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