South Victoria, AUS, 21 May 2024 — Studco has a long history of innovation in building solutions for tall structures. They listen to feedback from developers, architects, and builders around the world to understand the challenges faced in constructing high rise buildings.

As a result, Studco is proud to introduce the Vortex M122 Premium Stud Isolation Clip. This clip represents the next step forward in mitigating structure borne creaking for modern apartments, offices, and hotels.

The M122 clip delivers several key benefits:

  • Superior Noise Reduction: By eliminating metal-on-metal contact, the M122 significantly reduces noise transmission within buildings.
  • Enhanced Structural Performance: Engineered to handle up to 25mm of vertical deflection and prevent rotation during movement, the M122 clip provides exceptional stability.
  • Easy Installation: The M122 features a clear “go/no-go” gauge for quick and accurate installation, ensuring quality control on-site.
  • Durability: Constructed from hard-wearing polymer, the M122 is built to last.

The M122 clip seamlessly integrates with the Vortex Segmented Rebate Track and Studco’s steel stud system. This complete solution is rigorously tested to meet NCC standards, relevant Australian Standards, and various international fire rating requirements. 

Your Partner in Advanced Framing Solutions

Studco’s commitment to innovation goes beyond individual products, offering a comprehensive engineering design service, supporting all aspects of interior framing, from walls and ceilings to bulkheads and shelf loads. Studco’s team of qualified structural engineers is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for your next construction project.

Contact Studco today on 1300 255 255 or [email protected] to explore how the Vortex M122 and the Vortex High Performance Framing System can benefit your next project.


Desiree Westbrook

Global Marketing Manager

[email protected]