This is a “fluff” piece to promote Cats Where It’s At LLC. 


USA, September 8, 2021– Whether they are being cute and cuddly, or grumpy and scratching at you, cats are one of the most adored animals on the planet. Cat people can be found anywhere!

Cats Where It’s At LLC aims to celebrate the existence of cats by providing unique gifts for cat lovers. Their products include cat accessories for humans, cat-themed apparel, cat-themed home decor, and even items for cats themselves!

Cats Where It’s At has an awesome selection of cat themed apparel. The website has apparel for both men and women. Show off your love for cats with a shirt featuring a fluffy kitten. Or if you prefer to don a message on your shirt, you can get a shirt with a pro-cat message. One hot product is the “cat mom” shirt.

Their most popular clothing item is the cat socks. Cats Where It’s At has a wide variety of cat socks, each with a different pattern and color allowing you to choose from a wide variety.

“The amount of cat socks I had to choose from was actually overwhelming,” said a cat person.

The website even has clothing for young cat lovers. You can dress your infant up in a cat onesie, and keep their head warm with a cat beanie.

Jewelry wearers can add some bling to their collection with cat jewelry! The jewelry collection features earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more!

You can also deck your home out with their wide variety of cat themed home decor! From door stoppers to napkin holders, you can find just about any item with a cat on it.

Just like the socks, there is a wide variety of cat-themed rugs for your home. These rugs come in many different colors and sport different images of cats. 

“Did I purchase a rug to go with my socks? Of course I did!” the cat enthusiast responded when asked about the cat rugs.

Let’s not forget about the holidays! Many of the items on the website are also dedicated to beloved holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Cats themselves can also find treasures on this website. The Cats Where It’s At team also sells cat grooming articles, cat toys, and bowties, and bandanas that you can dress your cat up in!

Nobody is more passionate about cats than Cats Where It’s At. You can find just about anything cat-related on their website at

About Cats Where It’s At LLC: is a cat-themed store with a focus on things for cat people, like home decor, jewelry, t-shirts, and other apparel. It’s cat stuff for cat people. We currently ship only within the continental US, but hope to expand soon to include Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

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Cats Where It’s At LLC
Rhode Island, United States
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