C&R Cleaning Service is a commercial cleaning company that specializes in office cleaning. They use eco-friendly products and innovative commercial-grade equipment for the best results for each cleaning. 


Chicago, IL, April 11, 2022 — Ensuring that your office or commercial space is properly cleaned is essential for the health and well-being of your staff and customers. That’s why C&R Cleaning Service offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning services, medical offices, dental offices, pharmacies, and urgent care centers. They also have available general commercial cleaning and home cleaning services.

By using innovative commercial steam cleaning technology, they ensure that your space is cleaned to the highest professional standard because their eco-friendly cleaning tools kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including MRSA, Ecoli, and S. Aureus as mold species and other harmful germs and bacteria. The best part? Now they’re providing the first-time customers 5% off all of their services!!

Among their top-quality services, you’ll be able to find:

  1. office cleaning: As a business owner, you may not have the time or the right tools to clean and sanitize your office correctly. However, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with a clean and safe working environment; luckily for you, that’s where C&R Cleaning comes in.
  2. Medical Facilities: When cleaning your medical office in Chicago, you need a team with decades of combined experience and the tools to get the job done right. At Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago, their team has the training necessary to remove dirt and germs from your facility when it matters most.
  3. Post Construction Cleaning: Dealing with contractors and construction can be a hassle, but cleaning up after them doesn’t have to be. When you choose the Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago team, they will come to your property right away and begin cleaning and sanitizing it so it is as good as new.
  4. Move in-out cleaning: Moving is stressful enough without having to clean your old home or office; instead of doing your move in-move cleaning on your own, choose Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago and let their professionals do the hard work for you. With move in-move out cleaning services by their cleaning experts, you can focus on making sure every other part of your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Why you should outsource an office cleaning service? Professional office cleaning decreases distractions on the job, increasing employee morale and productivity, and since it isn’t enough to practice frequent handwashing and keep a tidy work area, it also can be challenging to squeeze in time to ensure a spotless workplace after a long day. Working with a professional cleaning crew helps protect anyone who enters your business and puts money back into the Chicagoland community. Also, imagine you’re a client or patient, and you’re dreading this impending appointment. The last thing you would want to do is sit in an unsanitary waiting room. So let them make your job a little easier, so you can keep being heroes!

To find out more about C&R Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services, visit https://www.cheapofficecleaningchicago.com/ and get a free estimate of your needed service. Don’t wait any longer, contact them to get started and use the 5% off given to all first-time customers!

Contact Info:

Name: Lauren Saxe
Organization: C&R Cleaning Service
Address: 5113 S. Harper Ave. Suite 2C. Chicago, IL. 60615
Phone: 312 235 6206
Website: https://www.cheapofficecleaningchicago.com/