Sandy, UT, July 6, 2020: We’re undergoing many changes in our technologically driven world. One of the latest innovations is changing how we’re paid.

We’re long past the days of receiving paper checks and many workers no longer get paid with checks. Instead, businesses need a digital solution to pay their staff, especially if they’re working from home.

cPayPlus offers an effective digital payment solution that’s secure and you can even automate payments. They also offer additional services, such as business bill payments. Businesses receive these benefits all while saving money and reducing their risk of fraud and losses.

Whether you’re paying your staff or your vendors, many payment systems are more complicated than they should be. cPayPlus offers convenient employee payments with payment automation. This helps keep payments simplified so you can focus on your core business functions.

What’s cPayPlus’ secret? They identified inefficiencies in many current payment systems and offered a tech-focused solution. Everything is done electronically; you just enter your payment details and cPayPlus handles the rest.

In addition, cPayPlus can automate your payments, no matter the supplier or the required capabilities.

cPayPlus is also easy to use. They created a single platform to manage all of your payments. This makes everything simple and efficient, cutting out the legwork of paying your staff and suppliers.

cPayPlus offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. What if you own a small business? cPayPlus has specific online payment methods for small business.

These include paying staff, vendors, and small business bill pay. They also offer complementary services, such as company credit cards and virtual credit cards. This helps your payments stay secure and also improves the organization of your Accounts Payable team.

All of these payments are fully automated with the click of a button. cPayPlus can get your business started with their software in only a few days. You’ll eliminate paper checks and simplify your payment processing almost immediately.

If you own a larger business, cPayPlus offers specific solutions. Corporate payables encompass many categories, such as employee, supplier, and vendor payments as well as debts. You can manage all of these different expenses on cPayPlus.

cPayPlus can automate the different payments your corporation needs. Just enter your payment details and manage them all on cPayPlus’ simple interface. This not only prevents you from using paper checks but you save time and money.

cPayPlus offers different solutions for many industries, such as distribution, manufacturing, home services, retail, technology, and more.

The best part? It only takes you three days to fully switch to cPayPlus.

About the Company: cPayPlus offers more than just powerful payment software. They delivered a solution to simplify business payment processes. Businesses can use cPayPlus within days, all without making significant changes to their current payment processes.

They pay close attention to invoice payment trends to ensure all businesses keep up with the latest payment technology all while staying safe.

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Address: 230 W Towne Ridge Parkway, Suite 450, Sandy, UT 84070
Phone number: 801-669-6044