Are you a business or organization tired of tracking down checks or manually paying invoices? cPayPlus offers sophisticated accounting software to automate payments, integrate accounting into one easy-to-use location, and close the loop on reconciliation. Their system saves clients time and money. Many colleges, universities, and K-12 schools have reached out to cPayPlus for help streamlining their processes in a way that also follows strict state or local regulations. cPayPlus will work with vendors and provide an extra level of financial security. Learn more at


SANDY, UT — June 17, 2020 — cPayPlus simplifies vendor payments for businesses and organizations by helping them make the digital switch.

cPayPlus works with auto dealerships, corporations, educational institutions, HOA management companies, and the hospitality industry to save them time and money. They can also improve vendor relations. cPayPlus sets up payment automation, integrates all accounting into one interface, and closes the loop on reconciliation. 

“Technological advances have changed the way organizations pay vendors,” said Darin Horrocks, president of cPayPlus. “Purchase cards revolutionized procurement back in the 1990s, but our modern approach makes those seem like antiques. The days of tracking down paper checks or manually processing invoices are all over. Everything is digital now.”

Many colleges, universities, and K-12 schools have chosen cPayPlus to accurately streamline processes while following strict local and state regulations. 

Automated payments are the most popular feature among educational institutions,” said Horrocks. “Most schools spend too much time reconciling outstanding checks or researching payments for vendors. Our system simplifies the process for them.”

Representatives from cPayPlus onboard all vendors to learn how they can get paid on their own through the easy-to-use online system. Everything is completed by the click of a button. 

Security and efficiency are also enhanced with cPayPlus. They have the experience and tools to gather sensitive bank information, validate it for security, and store it without risk of digital intrusions. 

A dedicated team of customer service specialists are always available to help vendors through the transition. 

cPayPlus also offers enterprise payment solutions. Besides superior vendor enablement, they also offer clients the option of issuing virtual credit cards and specialized company cards.

They don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to integration. Their services are customized for each client and their needs, so the greatest benefit is achieved for all parties.

Visit to learn more about its modern solutions. Have questions? Call (801) 679-6044 or email [email protected] for specific information. Interested businesses or organizations can also schedule a free online demo. 


cPayPlus exists to simplify and optimize the way our customers pay their vendors. Their services provide cost savings, increased vendor satisfaction, and risk mitigation against fraud or loss. cPayPlus provides a better value than our competition by automating a higher percentage of customer payments, accelerating the implementation, and capturing a higher percentage of discounts. Additionally, cPayPlus provides potential business to business software partners an easy way to provide payment solutions to their customers through our complete API’s. Learn more at

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