May 16, 2022— Counterside is a collective subculture role-playing game(RPG) that integrates anime characters, voice acting, and a unique, detailed storyline with creative combat. It has a variety of animation styles and is adored by countless fans since the game first launched in Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Studiobside was founded in July 2017 as a team of subculture genre mobile game developers, with their headquarters located in South Korea. Studiobside has developed a mobile urban fantasy RPG called Counterside last 2020 and has since been getting more fame and attention across many Asian regions. The game provides a wealth of resources that players can use to their advantage to continue and expand in the game. The game features a variety of combat modes and a large number of characters from which players can choose as they progress through levels.

Counterside is recognized as highly acclaimed by many gamers within and outside the subculture. Studiobside has developed Counterside to have incredible graphics, fluid gameplay, unique anime aesthetics, and tactical combat. Having excellent ratings and providing a high-quality game is difficult to achieve especially with an increasing number of role-playing games being available in the market. Studiobside has definitely made their reputation hard to beat.

They have had a big following since their game has reached success, and now they are getting ready to release Counterside in the global market. As the Counterside global launch is getting close, they had just finished the successful CBT(Closed Beta Testing) last April, and have been getting better reviews from players and enthusiasts.

As of now, Studiobside is currently running a pre-registration for Counterside Global’s launch which is now available on Google Play and Apple Store. Counterside Global will be serving in-house based on 2 years of service experience. Since Counterside has already been ranking high in terms of sales, diversity, and popularity in Asia, now they are focusing on releasing the game globally, which means launching game events and giving more rewards to global players and users soon.