RFP Response Builder is RFP response software that eases the pain of responding to RFPs


Reston, VA, July 27, 2021 – CorsPro is excited to launch its new product, RFP Response Builder.

Cors Productivity Solutions, Inc. (“CorsPro”), a Reston-based RFP automation company, is proud to launch RFP Response Builder, RFP response software that eases the pain of responding to requests for proposal (RFPs).

“With RFP Response Builder, we’ve leveraged the technology that we’ve been perfecting since 2005 with other software solutions we’ve developed.  We’ve simplified and honed that technology to address the very painful process of responding to RFPs,” said Brian Cors, founder and CEO of CorsPro.

RFP Response Builder simplifies the RFP response process and produces professional responses to RFPs, helping you win more RFPs in less time. The RFP software tool also generates sales proposals and statements of work. Search the content library from a panel that pops out from within Microsoft Word. Insert content into the response document and add content to the Library with a few simple clicks. With the RFP Response Builder, keeping your Content Library up to date is as simple as adding and editing content in Microsoft Word.

“From the beginning, we’ve focused on ease and speed of use. Our solution works within Microsoft Office, which provides not only a familiar user interface but also a powerful feature set of its own,” said Cors. “In addition, whereas most RFP response software is hard and time-consuming to set up, ours is designed for Day One productivity, enabling companies to start small and simple, then grow and perfect the solution over time.”

RFP Response Builder is RFP response software that enables companies to better manage the RFP process by breaking down RFP responses into easy-to-manage sections that can be assigned to team members for review by designated due dates. Updates to these sections are auto-saved to a shared file location like SharePoint Online, from which you can auto-generate the combined RFP Response document, including all updates. The RFP automation software reduces confusion and the never-ending flow of back-and-forth emails. Built-in workflows provide an accessible overview of assignments, automated email notifications, and tasks by project or individual on a dynamic Dashboard that keeps you one step ahead.  The cloud-based Dashboard enables users to view and check the progress of all tasks, projects, and documents from any web browser or mobile device, making it easy to manage projects and stay on task.

“Our solution utilizes best-in-class elements from the desktop and the cloud, in particular deep integration with Microsoft Office at the desktop, and a cloud-based Dashboard. We also integrate with other cloud-based solutions like SharePoint Online, DocuSign, and Amazon Web Services,” said Cors.

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About RFP Response Builder: RFP Response Builder was created by CorsPro, an RFP automation company based in Reston, Virginia that has been empowering organizations to efficiently generate sales documents since 2003. RFPResponse Builder is an automated software solution that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to respond to RFPs. Tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, RFP Response Builder quickly produces polished, mistake-free response documents that help you win more RFPs in less time. 

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Name: Christie Collier
Organization: Cors Productivity Solutions, Inc. (“CorsPro”)
Address: 1100 Northwind Drive, Reston, VA 20194
Phone: 571-399-6995
Website: rfpresponsebuilder.com