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Cordless or Corded Vacuum?

Since the dawn of humans, or more like the late 1980’s, civilization has deeply pondered what is the best handheld method to clean their place before company arrives. Or even with no company, “how can I tidy up quickly?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s uncover the golden secrets of the best invention ever made… to clean.

Cordless Vacuum

The cordless hand vacuum; small, convenient, and may possibly be your best friend when it comes to cleaning up you place quickly without breaking out the upright. More importantly, they’re completely mobile and travel with you anywhere, making them ideal for your car or any place void of an outlet. Key components for consumers to keep an eye out for are dustbowl capacity, voltage, lithium ion batteries (almost standard among all), and attachments.  A 14-20 oz (or more) dustbowl is a decent size and enough to clean up large rooms without frequent emptying. 15-20 volts power will give you the punch you need to make your problems disappear (your dust and debris problems that is). If you don’t see lithium ion batteries than don’t bother, unless of course there’s some new alien technology that’s even better (leave it to Dyson to think of that). Attachments can serve to reach into those cracks and hard to reach spots, and brush tools are great for pet hair and furniture.

In terms of charging, 4 hours is about the average. This may seem like a long time, but keep in mind, you’re getting nothing but maximum motor power as soon as you hit the ‘on’ button. It would be the equivalent to getting in your car and depressing the gas pedal to the floor every time you drove (how’s that for perspective). Run time is roughly 25-35 minutes before power starts to fade. However, if that’s not enough time for you, there’s always the corded portable vacuum option.

Corded Vacuum

Corded vacuums have one purpose in life – to never stop sucking. Though most other appliances have the opposite daily mission statement, this is certainly of paramount value for the life of the corded mini vac. Great for heavy duty, corded vacuums excel at pet hair, big messes and stubborn jobs. No charging required. You’re only limited by your will to clean and the length of the cord. Nowadays, they’re also stylishly designed (well, as stylish as a hand vacuum can be) and come equipped with lots of accessories to perform any task.

Pluses to have for both corded and cordless mini vacuums included cyclonic action, HEPA filters, and extended warranties. You’ll probably be okay without, but one or all can certainly be a bonus.