Construction Consulting Inspections

Construction Consulting Inspections for
Banks, Private Equity Firms, & Loan Monitoring

Minimize some of the risks in construction investment with a commercial construction inspection.

BIS’s lender and private equity firm construction consultants have the experience, knowledge, and background necessary to weigh in on any stage of the construction process, from pre-closing to breaking ground and beyond.

With our construction consulting services, you stay up-to-date on funding, inventory, and more so you can make informed decisions about your investment. Whether you need a construction review, construction loan monitoring, or just want to keep an extra set of eyes on the job site, BIS is one tool that no building project should be without.

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Why BIS Is Right For You

  • Outside Expert Perspective On Your Project
  • Milestone Reviews
  • On-Site Reporting
  • Considerable Financial Savings
  • Decades of Finance Experience
  • 40+ Years Of Experience
  • Team Of Licensed Engineers
  • Recognized by ABC, NBC & CBS
  • 75,000+ inspections on more than $6 billion of real estate
  • Experience From The Caribbean To California

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Pre-Closing Construction Reviews

As the financial institution or private equity firm behind a new construction project, you hold all of the risk but none of the control. Take the project back into your hands with a third-party pre-closing construction review.

The sheer number of factors affecting project’s success make the construction industry inherently risky. But with a bank construction inspection, you can be aware of some of these risks, issues, and pitfalls before the property even changes hands.

BIS’s private equity firm inspections give you a construction expert’s unbiased assessment of the bid, so you can make informed decisions.

Financing a new project is always risky because no construction project is immune to setbacks. But with a pre-closing construction review from BIS, your risks are calculated. Having a third-party industry professional audit your construction plan and budget will give you a “sneak peek” of the project. If there are potential issues that haven’t been planned for, we’ll let you know. If everything looks great, we’ll tell you that, too.

A lender can’t protect their investment if they don’t know what to expect. Let BIS help.


Draw Request Monitoring

Without a General Contracting license and constant on-site monitoring, it can be nearly impossible to stay on top of the financial aspects of your investment.

Constant changes and draw requests from your general contractor mean that losing track of your spending is almost inevitable. But proper draw request monitoring and construction funds control prevent overfunding, costly mistakes, and outright fraud by giving you an unbiased expert’s perspective on the work.

A contractor asking for too much might leave you with a bad impression, but asking for too little should be equally alarming. If your job site manager fails to notice costly obstacles, draw requests and setbacks can spiral out of control.

And, as much as no one likes to think about it, fraud is an ever-present reality in private equity lending. Don’t allow a general contractor to take advantage of you. With a construction consulting firm like BIS, you’ll have a trusted, impartial professional to let you know whether your project is heading in the right direction.

GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) contracts give you the right to get a construction audit at any point during the process. Keep your finger on the pulse of your project’s financials and maximize your profits with draw request and construction loan monitoring by BIS.

When you know what your money is doing, you can control where it’s going. And with BIS on your side, you’ll have the tools you need to get the most out of your investment.


Construction Management Inspections

Acting as a bank, private equity firm, or other lender requires a certain level of expertise, but this skill set doesn’t always include construction. BIS’s construction advisory services are the best and easiest way to oversee your project expertly, affordably, and remotely.

Construction projects have multiple moving parts that must all work in tandem. If a particular part of the project is incorrect or incomplete, your budget and your timeline can suffer.

construction management inspection acts as your eyes and ears throughout the process to ensure that the project is up to code as well as your own exacting standards. If your builders have a manager on-site, BIS works as the counterbalance to hold them accountable. We check the work’s quality, scheduling, contract compliance, and adherence to regulations and keep you updated on any setbacks or changes.

It’s the next best thing to being there yourself.

Project management is a full-time job. But with BIS, it doesn’t have to be yours. Take the headache out of construction management and watch your vision become reality.

Your construction inspections are only as good as the expertise behind them. 

In the construction industry, there is no such thing as a “minor mistake.” Errors, omissions, or miscalculations at any stage in the process can derail the plans, putting jobs, funds, and even safety at risk.

Simply put: you can’t afford a cheap building inspector.

With more than 40 years of experience, BIS is one of the nation’s largest and most qualified building inspection companies. In addition to completing more than 75,000 inspections, we have also been featured as an expert in County, State, and Federal courts and for various media agencies throughout the country.

BIS is licensed as an inspector, engineer, and general contractor, but choosing to focus solely on inspections allows us to put our knowledge and experience to work in the most helpful way possible: working for you.

You’d never allow your general contractor to erect a building on a badly poured foundation or install wiring that didn’t meet code requirements. Your choice of building inspector is just as important.

If you’re investing in a commercial construction project, contact BIS to have a qualified construction consultant on your side.