Freed Marcroft, a divorce and family law firm, has released their free guide to Connecticut family courthouses to the public. 


Hartford, Connecticut, March 18, 2024— The thought of navigating a courthouse can evoke anxiety for folks going to their first in-person Family Court date, but thanks to one law firm, Connecticut residents can rest a little bit easier the night before they’re due to attend.

Meghan Freed, co-owner and co-founder of Freed Marcroft Divorce and Family Law, has created a web-based guide designed to assist clients and the public with all things pertaining to the physical courthouses across the state – everything from where to go, where to park, how to get inside, what offices and private spaces are available, and more. No stone was left unturned, and this priceless resource covers every family court in Connecticut, from Bridgeport to Waterbury, Litchfield to Putnam, and everywhere in between.

Kristen Marcroft, who is fellow co-owner and co-founder to Freed, said of the new guide, “It fills a tremendous void and I think it will be an incredibly useful tool, not just for our clients and prospective clients, but for basically anyone whose life intersects with a Connecticut Family Court for whatever reason.”

The guide, which is located on the firm’s website, is available to the public and is free of charge. When visitors arrive at the site, they have the option of either selecting their family court (if they already know which location they will be going through), or searching by the town they live in to find out the assigned court for that area. Once a visitor selects an option, they can find additional helpful information, including court contact information, hours of operation, a list of those who can file within that court, and what types of cases they can file (such as divorce, custody, child support, etc.).

The Hartford-based firm is proud to offer this complimentary service to those going through legal matters which impact their family; the firm is hoping it can make the experience just a little bit easier, and a little less stressful, for everyone.

Freed Marcroft is a Connecticut family law firm that supports people making the brave decision to live life the way they choose, and believes divorce can be transformative if you can align clients’ individual goals for their futures with their legal strategy. Their clients trust them with some of the hardest and bravest decisions they have ever faced, and they will honor that trust by combining their legal acumen with empathy and honesty so that they can be a trustworthy guide through every step forward.

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