420DC is the first and largest weed delivery app serving D.C. and the east coast. This online service connects customers with top vendors, stores and local events. By searching 420DC, customers can have products delivered to their home, hotel or anywhere in between. Local suppliers are able to create an account and be included in 420DC’s business directory, and in turn, customers can give them reviews to help grow their operation. 420DC also manages an online event calendar for weed enthusiasts to attend educational or cultural events. Learn more at 420DC.com. 


WASHINGTON, D.C. — March 25, 2020 — 420DC has developed the first weed delivery app serving the District of Columbia and east coast, connecting customers with top vendors, stores and events within the fast-growing cannabis community. 

420DC is a forum for customers to find and review reputable and compliant providers in the D.C. area. They can search for a specific cannabis strain or product, and then browse through the 420DC database for delivery services or nearby shops. The app officially launches on 4/20.

“Think of us as the Angie’s List of cannabis,” said D.C. Johnson, founder of 420DC. “You can search the app for where to find quality products, connect with the best delivery services in the area and attend some of our weed events.”

What’s unique about 420DC is that customers can request DC weed delivery to their home, hotel or anywhere in between. The app’s online search function is customizable according to multiple categories such as location, available delivery options, glassware, edibles, CBD, growing consultations and more. Local businesses also have the opportunity to create an account and be featured on 420DC’s online directory to connect with new customers. 

“Everyone is benefitting from 420DC,” said Johnson. “Our customers are finding top-rated cannabis suppliers close to their home and new businesses are advertising their services. Customers have the option of rating these businesses, which helps grow their platforms and attract more people to their store or delivery services.”

420DC manages an online calendar with DC weed events for customers, cannabis enthusiasts, and local businesses. Events are listed daily and include private meet-ups, store grand openings, showrooms, workshops and more. The 420DC Community Forum Blog is also a free resource for learning more about the cannabis industry.

Laws governing the possession and distribution of cannabis products differ between the District of Columbia, Maryland and neighboring states so 420DC recommends being familiar with the current rules and regulations before utilizing the app. Their website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with general information for new customers. 

Visit 420DC.com today to learn more and join D.C.’s Cannabis Community.

ABOUT 420DC: 420DC.com is designed to connect and grow the D.C. Cannabis Community. As a consumer, you can find and review reputable and compliant providers in D.C. You can search the strain or product you’re looking for or just browse delivery services or smoke shops. Once you find someone you like, give them a call and tell them 420DC sent you to get a great deal. Visit 420DC.com today to create an account and start interacting with this fast-growing community. 

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