Minneapolis, MN, May 27, 2020: Every company needs an effective digital marketing strategy in order to succeed in an online world. This is why many businesses will benefit from seeking help from digital marketing professionals.

With so many digital marketing firms out there, how can businesses find the best digital marketing firm? Results are what businesses want from their marketing firm, so it’s important to choose a results-driven digital marketing company.

This is where Concrete Internet Marketing comes in. Their goal is to deliver concrete results that are measurable. This not only shows a company’s marketing success but future goals can be easily implemented and measured.

Who is Concrete Internet Marketing? This firm specializes in many strategies that can deliver traffic to your website. They’re a full-service marketing firm, meaning they’re a one-stop-shop for all marketing needs. This includes PPC, SEO, and even advertising.

Concrete Internet Marketing is also different because they only hire the best digital marketing professionals. Their team is experienced in individual marketing strategies as well as hosting full digital marketing campaigns.

In addition, the Concrete Internet Marketing staff are all communicative and will work with your unique company’s needs.

What can businesses expect when they trust Concrete Internet Marketing? They can expect more conversions, more website traffic, measurable growth, and more returns.

While all of Concrete’s services are effective, one of the most desired services is SEO. Unlike many companies, Concrete Internet Marketing specializes in foundational SEO services. Foundational SEO is another word for technical SEO, meaning Google can easily crawl your website.

Some of the tactics that Concrete Internet Marketing uses to improve your foundational SEO includes fixing broken links and ensuring the proper structure of meta tags.

Why is technical SEO critical to your online success? Your website can’t rank without Google’s indexing bots. Technical SEO speaks Google’s language, helping bring more traffic to your website.

Do you know how SEO drives traffic? SEO helps drive traffic in a couple of different ways. First, it increases your presence on search engine results. When you optimize your content for keywords, your content will have better search engine performance. If you optimize your landing pages for SEO, such as product pages, you will have a better chance of attracting a larger audience and achieving your ROI.

Different SEO tactics also engage your audience. This includes creating great content and creating an attractive website with fast loading speeds. If your website becomes popular enough, you can receive backlinks from other websites, increasing website traffic even more.

About the Company: Concrete Internet Marketing was founded in 2015 by Jeremy Redlinger. The goal was to not only provide affordable digital marketing services but help businesses achieve incredible website growth and more traffic. They do this by using the best technology to measure data and analyzing that data to create measurable marketing goals as well as staying up-to-date on the latest marketing and web design trends.

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Phone number: 763-957-0858