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Richmond, VA, November 19th, 2020 — GreenPod Coffee Packing, based in Midlothian, Virginia, is completely revolutionizing the single-serve coffee pod industry. Manufacturing of GreenPod™, a completely compostable, ZERO plastic coffee pod, will begin early next month. GreenPods are compatible with all Keurig® style brewers, consume fewer materials in manufacturing, and provide a better quality cup of coffee than traditional pods, all while eliminating the single-use plastic waste. GreenPod is completely changing everything you thought you knew about single-serve coffee pods!

After searching for a solution to provide environmentally friendly single-serve coffee to their customers, coffee roasters Gary & Julie Kratzer, discovered a new innovative technology in Europe. They are excited to be the first to bring this technology to the Richmond area. “We can’t wait to get rolling, and see the first machine ever built for this type of production, packing fresh coffee pods right here in Richmond,” said owner Julie Kratzer. “The coffee pod co-packer will deliver consumers an Earth-friendly way to have convenient and delicious coffee, from their favorite coffee roasters, using their single-serve brewing machines.”

Traditional coffee pods contribute to a large amount of single-use plastic waste, plus they are not known for providing a fresh, well-extracted cup of coffee. Traditional pods have many limitations that are solved with the GreenPod technology. In contrast with traditional pods, GreenPod packs coffee fresh, and in larger amounts, guaranteeing a cup of coffee that’s bold in flavor with unmatched freshness. GreenPod Coffee Packing is proud to provide eco-friendly co-packing services to all coffee roasters. “A goal going into this search was to find a solution that’s accessible to small-batch specialty roasters like ourselves, and we will remain committed to that goal,” said Kratzer. “For the first time, small-batch coffee roasters will have the opportunity to supply a coffee pod to their customers that they can be proud of.”

GreenPod will launch a Kickstarter campaign on November 18, 2020. And with a variety of reward levels, consumers, roasters, businesses, and coffee lovers can pledge to be a part of the first round of production.

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About the Company:

Founders Julie and Gary Kratzer started GreenPod Coffee Packing in 2020 to provide a solution to a problem they had as coffee roasters. GreenPod Coffee Packing creates compostable coffee pods to help consumers and roasters eliminate the single-use plastic waste long associated with pods while also improving the taste and quality of coffee delivered by pods. GreenPod Coffee Packing | Coffee with a Conscience

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