Competitive Home Lending partners with the Texas A&M University-Commerce Foundation to create the Competitive Home Lending Scholarship to help students in the local community.


Allen, TX, March 2, 2022— As part of Competitive Home Lending’s corporate social responsibility program, they have established a general scholarship fund with Texas A&M-Commerce, helping students from the local communities of Allen, McKinney, and Plano connect with the opportunities they deserve. 

They believe that college is a critical driving force in society, giving citizens the qualifications and knowledge they need to make a real difference. We also understand that costs can be prohibitively high, which is why we have worked to build the general scholarship fund in an effort to manage these costs. With the right approach to corporate social responsibility, local enterprises can ensure that no student is denied academic progress simply because of economic resources.

Since educational success can provide individuals with a range of benefits, potentially translating to more purposeful and productive lifestyle habits. This is why offerings such as scholarship funds, provided via corporate social responsibility programs like the one at Competitive Home Lending, are so important — both to individuals themselves and to society as a whole. So let’s take a closer look at the benefits of postsecondary education:

  1. Health Advantages: Education has been linked to a number of health advantages that impact individuals across their entire lives. For example, a report by Anna Zajacova of Western University and Elizabeth M. Lawrence of the University of North Carolina found that adults with higher educational reach tend to live longer and healthier lives than those educated to a lower level. However, this report also found that the disparities in groups educated to different classes were already significant, and these disparities are becoming broader over time.
  2. Economic Benefits: Postsecondary education delivers the direct academic and vocational qualifications that employers are looking for. By achieving these skills and establishing them with academic credentials, postsecondary education students achieve much better prospects for long-term and stable employment. In turn, this provides increased income, translating to higher levels of accumulated wealth over time.
  3. Better Health Choices: Lawrence and Zajacova’s research also suggests that those who have achieved higher levels of education are more likely to exercise and pursue healthy lifestyle habits than members of other demographics. This is one of the critical factors behind Competitive Home Lending‘s own corporate social responsibility programs. The company seeks to support communities across Allen, McKinsey, Plano, and Collin County, Texas, through the CSR scholarship fund.
  4. Social Support Levels: The findings from Lawrence and Zajacova suggest that people in this group are more likely to have established layers of social and psychological support. In addition, they may have a broader network of friends to help them cope with daily life and general complications.

In summary, postsecondary education offers many benefits over and above the obvious financial advantages. Further education can help individuals lead a healthier and longer life and provide them with more career options than they may have received otherwise. In addition, it may lead them to develop a wider social circle and feelings of empowerment and purpose. Yet, paying for this level of education can still be a challenge for many families. Indeed, there are some college level, state, or federal programs to consider and a range of scholarship funds and grants. That’s why Competitive Home Lending’s corporate social responsibility scholarship program is the driving force behind this. We want to give back to the community by ensuring that talented candidates can access the funds they need to pursue their educational goals.

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