Denver, CO, May 11, 2021 – In a recent article in Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, Michael Damioli, the clinical director of Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, offers his perspective on the future of telehealth in the field of addiction treatment. 

Medications that can treat opioid use disorder, such as buprenorphine, were once only available through in-person inpatient or outpatient treatment. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled addiction treatment centers such as Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery to open up telehealth treatment options. In Damioli’s view, this will pave the way for more comprehensive telehealth treatment options in the future. 

“The telehealth door has been opened,” Damioli notes. While remote treatment for substance use disorder may have been prompted by the pandemic, telehealth is seen as an option that will only continue to grow in years to come. Even as medication assisted treatment centers begin to return to in-person sessions, telehealth can help those addicted to opioids continue medication-assisted treatment long-term.

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