Colorado Addiction Treatment

Colorado Addiction Treatment Center

AspenRidge Recovery is a high-quality Colorado addiction treatment center with two drug rehab center locations near Denver. Our goal is to provide the highest quality treatment and care for individuals who are looking to make real change in their lives. From detox to rehab and mental health therapy, we’ll gain your trust through effective treatment and supportive, compassionate staff.

Colorado Addiction Treatment Center in Lakewood

At AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, we offer full-service addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. In fact, our staff has the expertise, experience, and training to ensure you receive the proper care protocols during rehab. Your experience with addiction is unique to you and only you. Therefore, your rehab plan needs to be a custom approach that addresses your specific experience with substance abuse.

When you enter our Colorado addiction treatment center in Lakewood, we will provide an original assessment to learn more about your history. Moreover, we’ll begin to discover the root causes of your addiction and any underlying mental illness. After the overall assessment, we will work together to put a treatment plan in place that targets these findings.

Over the course of your rehab, we can continue to make adjustments based on any changes. This is a true and proven method of enhancing your chances at a successful recovery.

Colorado Addiction Rehab Center in Fort Collins

Our sister addiction treatment center in Fort Collins is another outlet for individuals across the state to begin their recovery. This Colorado addiction treatment center specializes in similar approaches to our Lakewood facility. However, we only offer detoxification at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood.

In addition to substance abuse treatment programs, our Fort Collins location also offers process addiction treatment programs. Here you have the opportunity to overcome problems with gambling, electronics, sex, shopping, and substance abuse. AspenRidge Fort Collins also offers dual diagnosis care for those who are suffering from a mental health disorder and addiction simultaneously.

Learn More About Our Colorado Addiction Treatment Center

If you are living with addiction in or around the Denver area, AspenRidge Recovery is here to help. Regardless of which Colorado addiction rehab center you go to, we’ll stand by your side throughout the process to ensure your safety and focus on recovery. It is our passion to help individuals make sobriety a part of their daily lives. This includes relapse prevention techniques and coping skills development.

By developing positive coping skills, you will be better prepared to overcome triggers and stressors in your daily life. These triggers can come from many directions, including your peers, relationships, social outings, and other personal and professional challenges.

Are you looking for a Colorado addiction treatment center you can count on? If so, contact AspenRidge Recovery today at 855.281.5588. We’re here to lead you on a path to overall wellness and sobriety.