Students 1 to 2 years behind academically are an additional year behind due to the pandemic. CollegeReadyMath can reverse this learning loss and turn it into learning gains.


Annapolis, MD, July 23, 2021 – CollegeReadyMath is designed to help pinpoint and measure unfinished learning.

CollegeReadyMath offers a Supplemental Algebra Program, that will help students improve their algebra skills and recover some of the instructional time lost during the past 18 months.

Our philosophical and empirical understanding of best practices in teaching and learning is evidenced by: 

  • Our practical application of how students learn and how they learn most effectively
  • Our student-centered lessons which are designed for the way students learn in the digital age
  • Our diagnostic assessments that identify skill gaps, determine math competencies, and pinpoints the specific math skills needed to improve.
  • Our inquiry-based learning strategies designed to improve thinking skills
  • Our gradual-release approach which builds and develops student confidence.

CollegeReadyMath also offers a College Math Placement Test Prep Program created to help students prep for their math placement test in order to score higher and prevent having to take a remedial math course in college. 

Additionally, CollegeReadyMath offers a Transitional Algebra Program, which was created to help students learn the algebra concepts essential to pass end-of-year assessments and prepare for college math.

These programs offer highly engaging and insightful lessons that can be completed in minutes. Students can learn wherever they are – at home, on the bus, in the bleachers – whenever they want. We know that children are tech-savvy. That’s why we created CollegeReadyMath to be accessible on all devices, even Xbox and PlayStation. 

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About CollegeReadyMath: CollegeReadyMath is owned by HigherSchool, LLC an Annapolis, Maryland-based company. 

Contact Info:

Name: David Irving
Organization: HigherSchool, LLC
Address: 1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis MD 21401
Phone: 410 626-0076