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It’s time to celebrate, Arrivala is now multilingual!

Owning a business and being able to support clients who speak multiple languages is a huge competitive advantage.  It extends your clientele considerably and allows them to be more comfortable working with you.  When it comes to review collection, being able to offer the same multilingual capabilities can significantly improve the conversion rate of your review requests.

Well, this month Arrivala is happy to announce that we’ve rolled out support to send review requests in multiple languages. For our debut, we’re supporting the following languages with many more in progress:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

In this article, we’ll break down the key features of Arrivala’s multilingual functionality and how you can utilize it within your account.

Setting Your Default Language

The first step to configuring your Arrivala account for multilingual is setting your default language.  Your default language is what Arrivala automatically sends review requests in unless you override it specifying otherwise.  Every paid plan on Arrivala supports the ability to set a default language for your account.  The default language is also what is used on things like bulk imports and the Arrivala review collection API (more info on that below).


Changing The Language For Individual Requests

No matter the default language you define per the instructions above, you can still override the language of individual review requests when adding them to the system.  This is done via a drop-down menu that appears when creating a new review request.  When you change the language of an individual review request, it not only changes the language of the outgoing notification but also the language of the review collection process.  Being able to request a review in your customer’s native language can go a huge way in increasing your review collection conversion rate.  Follow-up review requests will also be sent in the language you specify.


Bulk Importing & Arrivala API

Bulk importing and the Arrivala API through Zapier both work with our multi-language setup.  Both the bulk-importing and Zapier API will utilize the default language of your account when adding new customers to the system.  Currently, there is not a method to override the default language for individual review requests added via bulk importing or the API.


Language Tags in Email & Text Templates

Language tags are essential if you plan to send out review requests via email or text message in multiple languages.  Many Arrivala users decide to customize their review request emails and text templates that go out to their customers.  How do you translate your custom email and text templates when you’re communicating with customers in multiple languages?  The answer is language tags.  Our language tags allow you to specify a different text message and email template for each language you plan to send review requests in.  When the review request goes out, it will grab the written content of the specified language.  We have a dedicated guide to working with language tags which can be found here.


Wrapping Up

We’re extremely excited about the multilingual capabilities of Arrivala.  It’s been a long-requested feature by our clients.  By releasing this feature we know we’ll improve the review conversion rate for our customers who send review requests in multiple languages.  Have you tried the new multilingual features of Arrivala?  If so, how has it worked for you?  Let us know by sending in your feedback to [email protected].