Two brilliant companies cohabitate to provide their clients with the best of marketing and branding services under one collective.


San Antonio, TX, August 10, 2022 — Ten Peaks Media has officially moved into the GRIT Co HQ and will begin to collaborate on major design and marketing projects immediately. This will allow them to provide their clients with an amazing experience while maintaining their separate business identities.

Come see us at the new collaborative HQ, or better yet join us! Learn more at and

Ten Peaks Media is a full-service advertising and marketing agency with offices in Boerne, Texas and Colorado Springs, CO. Their areas of expertise include branding, digital marketing, Google management and paid advertising, graphic design, photography, social media management, video production, and website development

Likewise, GRIT Co. is an innovative and diverse firm, breaking the mold and offering creative and design services, as well as construction services in commercial and luxury residential markets. The Grit Co. Creative division provides industry-leading logo and branding, graphic design, environmental design, and website design

However, in a post-COVID world where many companies have been forced to disperse and end up siloed, Ten Peaks and GRIT Co Creative are challenging that new reality by checking their egos at the door – a door they now share. Through this groundbreaking approach, GRIT Co Creative and Ten Peaks Media aim to:

  • Grant clients the best possible marketing experience with vertically integrated services, providing a one-stop shop for the client
  • Maintain GRIT Co. and Ten Peaks Media’s individual identities while collaborating effectively
  • Expand the services available to their clients, simultaneously reducing point of contact, increasing efficacy, and providing maximum integrity to the client’s vision

“The good Lord was kind enough to encourage this collaboration and partnership over the past year, and this is an exciting forward-way to provide robust, world-class services to our collective clients,” remarks GRIT Co. Founder + CEO, Dakota Durden. “Ten Peaks and GRIT Co. have decided to prop each other up, to make sure our clients receive the branding AND marketing results they desire and deserve. If your firm requires professional, true, customized branding; and, if you’re ready to see what energetic and innovative marketing strategies will do for your business’s growth, you’ve found your one-stop-shop.”

Josh Cates, CEO and Co-Founding Principal of Ten Peaks Media agrees: “Collaboration is the force that drives success. By sharing a work and collaboration space with GRIT Co Creative, our team and work product is enhanced, leading to greater results for our clients. They say two heads are better than one, well we believe two strong companies provide a competitive advantage for our clients. Clients who want to win more market share and grow with effectiveness and excellence.”

“Business today, success today, is not derived by eating up every fraction of industry. Successful business happens when innovative leaders work together. Ten Peaks is an established, honorable, successful firm we are proud to work with. In a polarized world, we invite you in to collaborate with us, and see how powerful teamwork can be for you,” closes Dakota. 

Despite working out of the same building, each company will continue to showcase their individual strengths while delivering a joint venture when necessary. Ten Peaks Media and GRIT Co. Creative sincerely look forward to collaborating on future projects.

About Ten Peaks Media: Ten Peaks Media is a full-service marketing and advertising agency. Our areas of expertise include branding, digital marketing, Google management and marketing, graphic design, photography, social media management, video production, and website development. Our founders also specialize in brand growth and strategies.

About GRIT Co: Expert collaboration, exceptional results. As an industry leader in integrative design & construction services, GRIT Co. coordinates and consolidates the disciplines required for a seamless client experience. They offer a variety of creative, design, and construction services to diverse industries. GRIT Co. is designed-built-different.

Contact Information:

Name: Josh Cates
Organization: Ten Peaks Media
Address: 9 Spanish Pass Rd. Boerne, TX 78006
Phone: (830) 388-8110
Email: [email protected]