CondoScore® puts the condo information you want in your hands.


Washington, D.C., August 1, 2020 – ClearCondos is improving condo data for customers with their CondoScore®. Their goal: to simplify condominium information for customers across Washington, DC.

ClearCondos, a condo information resource, has made it their mission to simplify your condo search. On top of that, they also offer a CondoScore®, which helps you know the value you are getting for your condo fees.

ClearCondos’ revolutionary CondoScore® rating methodology is based on the building’s amenities, services, and financial performance in relation to its condo fees. Comparing CondoScore® ratings across buildings helps assess whether a building’s condo fees are “worth it.”

According to Walter Yehl, co-founder of ClearCondos, “ClearCondos® services were born out of the frustration experienced by two real condo buyers who wanted a simpler way to compare condo buildings. Like all condo buyers, we were looking for a building that met our specific needs. We repeatedly asked questions like, ‘Can I rent the unit, are pets allowed, is there a concierge to accept packages, etc.’ We also wanted to know if the condo fees were really ‘worth it.’ There was no comprehensive source to answer those questions.”

ClearCondos was created after Yehl purchased his first condo at The Radius in Washington, DC. Since then, he’s made it his goal to help others find the condo of their dreams, as well.

“ClearCondos® services are the solution. We simplify condominium information through a combination of our comprehensive database, user-friendly search features, and proprietary CondoScore® rating methodology” says Yehl.

Ready to stop wasting time finding association details and quickly determine if a condo is right for you?

On ClearCondos’ website, you can search for buildings using key data points, like nearest Metro line, rental restrictions, and loan availability. Not only that, there are detailed building reports with comparative market data for buyers. What does that mean for you? No more calls and emails to unresponsive listing agents, because ClearCondos’ website has all of your questions answered.

Don’t know which condo is the best fit for you?

No problem, it’s easy to use ClearCondos to find out which building matches your own preferences. It’s simpler than ever to make sure a condo meets your needs before you make an offer.

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About ClearCondos: ClearCondos is a comprehensive condo information resource that is based out of Washington, DC.

Contact Info:

Name: Walter Yehl
Organization: ClearCondos LLC
Address: Washington, DC