Southern CA, September 30, 2020 – Sustainable lifestyle brand, Cleanomic, offers multi-use, money-saving, germ reducing options like their touchless hand soaps and electrolyzed water cleaner that are both innovative and earth-friendly. The company aims at providing healthier home cleaning alternatives that are not only better for your life, but better for the planet too. Cleanomic is highly rated among satisfied customers for their eco-friendly initiatives and all of their products are designed and developed in the United States. 

The proactive eco-minded company makes effective products that offer a “worry-free guarantee”. Cleanomic offers a variety of easy-to-use home cleaning essentials including the Aerclear Purifier that includes a true HEPA triple filter, features quiet noise technology, and captures up to 99.7% of airborne particles. Equipped for any standard outlet, this air cleaning device includes three fan speed modes and comes in a convenient size and shape that can be used in any room in your home. 

Cleanomic is proud to be a company that supports cleaner homes and lifestyles that are completely designed and developed in the United States. For more information about the products Cleanomic provides, please visit

About Cleanomic: At Cleanomic, our company’s singular goal is to create meaningful solutions that change the way we live, in the hopes of transforming the state of our planet altogether. A tall order, but we’re ambitious like that. In fact, we think every other cleaning company should be focused on that mission, too. It’s time we stopped being one of the biggest sources of the world’s plastic problems, and started being part of the solution––really giving the name “cleaning” a whole new, deeper meaning. Part of this goal is ensuring that the company’s customers are able to use the products the way they were designed. The team of innovators and developers are based in sunny Southern California, and they personally quality-check each Cleanomic product at every stage of the process, to ensure they are bringing only the best offerings to your front door.

By providing multiuse, germ-reducing products such as their Soapsy Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser that includes infrared technology, is mess-free, and offers an easy refill, Soapsy allows you to “ditch single-use pumps and liquid soap to automatically pump the perfect amount of soap into your hand. The company also features the Biomme Electrolyzed Water Cleaning Kit which revolutionizes home cleaning by straying from the traditional toxic and chemical-laden methods that we are all used to. By combining “electrical charge with simple table salt, Biome transforms water into a powerful all-surface cleaner that targets germs and bacteria quickly and efficiently. Cleanomic is dedicated to continuing to provide families with the cleaning tools needed to fight everyday bacteria and to make our planet a safer one to live. For more information about Cleanomic, please visit

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