Glendale, NY, May 20, 2020: Do you remember the golden age of Hollywood? Whether this is your favorite time for film or you want to be better versed in classic film, you need a trustworthy website to offer the most comprehensive reviews on both films and actors and actresses.

If this is what you’re looking for, you’ll appreciate Classic Movie Treasures. From Metropolis to Jaws, this website features reviews for every movie imaginable. Unlike other movie reviewers, this website sinks deep into the storyline and production, including every detail in their reviews.

They also feature actor and actress reviews and biographies — and may include some facts you never knew about your favorite stars!

Let’s take a tour of the classic movie treasures website. You’ll first see actor and actress reviews, featuring stars from Vincent Price all the way to Ann Sheridan. Scrolling down, you’ll find the wide assortment of movie reviews, covering every point of film history and all genres.

What really makes this website fascinating is how they also review books about movies. For example, they feature a review about the compelling book Hitchcock’s Heroines by Caroline Young, detailing the lives of the actresses in some of Hitchcock’s most famous films as well as their experiences working with the legendary director.

The classic movie actors section is one of the most interesting parts of the website. Every classic actor imaginable is featured and their reviews dig deep into their lives. For example, did you know Boris Karloff’s career started when he would perform in theaters while living in Canada? And did you know Cary Grant’s daughter, Jennifer Grant, wrote an autobiography about life as a Hollywood leading man’s daughter?

Classic Movie Treasures features reviews and biographies of over 50 actors, including surprising selections like Frank Sinatra. You’ll definitely find your favorite classic movie actor on this website!

The classic films section is unlike many on similar websites. While you’ll find film reviews on movies from the early 20th century, you’ll find reviews for some later-year gems. Some of these films include Jaws and Star Wars.

Their movie reviews also go in-depth, covering every detail about the film. This is perfect for those revisiting classic movies or those who want insight into their favorite films.

Let’s look into their review on Jerry Maguire. The give this classic film the recognition it deserves, detailing Tom Cruise’s acting, describing the story in-depth (but in a way that will also amuse those who already saw the film), and how the film carries on.

About the Company: Classic Movie Treasures aim to cover the best films and talent from the past century to truly define the art of cinema. They update actor and actress biographies at least twice a week, ensuring your favorite star will be featured on this website.

They also provide links to where you can watch and stream these films, in case you’ve never seen them before!

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