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We at The Hay Loft obviously are very proud of our one of a kind venue. Therefore, we are constantly telling you how great it is and how great we are at our jobs. I know that we are bias in our opinion so why don’t you hear it from someone else for a change.

This week we would like to feature one of our very own bride and groom’s. Tina and Ross Biely grew up in suburbs of Milwaukee and Madison. We 1st met them over 3 years ago, early on in our days as a venue, and became the 7th couple to sign a contract with us. As we got to know them, we learned where they came from, the places they have been, what they did for a living, and the places they were still dreaming of going. I would have never guessed a rustic chic country wedding was what they were looking for. But THEY PICKED US! We loved having them and they have told us on numerous occasions they loved it here too. After all these years, I decided to ask them why.

Why did you pick The Hay Loft?

1) HOW BEAUTIFUL THE BARN WAS! I loved the vaulted ceiling, beautiful wood and brick on the lower level, bars on both levels, bridal suite, outdoor patio with provided parking for guests! There was no wooden posts coming down in random areas and it was a very nice, open area. Plus, I have a bathroom phobia.. so to find a barn with flushable & nice bathrooms within the barn was a win in its self!

 2) The venue was large enough where everyone could sit together and not be spilt up. (300 guest list) & speaking of bar… we didn’t have to worry about a thing! We told you what we wanted and you guys made it happen. (Note we had specialty drinks, beer, wine, champagne and sodas on tap, with everything else available) We didn’t need to worry about how much to buy, what to bring in, if we needed to provided a bartender .. none of that.

 3) The perfect location, my family is 45 mins north of Milwaukee and my husbands family is southeast of Madison by 40 mins. Majority of our friends are based out of the Milwaukee area.. it was a good in between for all.

What was your favorite part of your day?

1) Staff: You guys were excellent, took control, made set up easy. Me, as a bride, had very little to do on that day. Bartenders were great! With the two bars everyone was served quickly. Set up/take down/ turnover was done in a fast and organized system. We had extra time to spare (which when does that ever happen during a wedding) The staff worked great with all other hired wedding personal… photographer, videographer, hair and make up artists, food carter, cake deliverer, flower lady w/set up and clean up, dj and photo booth.

2) Decorations: This barn is so gorgeous you don’t need to decorate! They have pretty/unique decorations both in and outside the barn located all over, which is awesome, again less for the bride to figure out.

3) Scenery: Lots of land and a cute rustic shed in the back to take pictures with. Pretty trees and secluded. We had a fall wedding, which the venue provided pumpkins and cute fall decor.

We love hearing everything we did right but we know we aren’t perfect. We will take constructive criticism as well.

What would you change if you did it all over again?

Honestly, this is a hard question. The only thing I could think of, just to answer the question, would be having more of a picturesque property. I know we were within their first months of opening so we can’t expect much and we were so happy with what we got! But maybe have a few other things to give more options/ different scenery.

Since Tina and Ross’s weddings we have added countless improvements (pictured below). Gravel parking lot, decoratively lit pathway, rustic barn board dividers, new lighting and displays above our main bar, many many landscaping changes, and much more.

Below you will find Tina and Ross’s wedding video that they have graciously shared with us. We thank you Tina and Ross for sharing these kind words with us and now with the world. Thank you for choosing The Hay Loft and welcome to The Hay Loft Family.