Citrix Vice President & Technical Fellow to share insights into the future of technology for remote work.


Toronto, Canada, May 18, 2021 – Designing the future of tech.

Responsible for emerging technology, intellectual property and driving innovation, Chris Fleck is quite the technical fellow. Mr. Fleck will share some insights into the future of technology at Citrix Systems, as well as share some ideas around making the world’s fastest remote workspace on wheels something to desire during a special interactive session on May 20, 2021.

If you are curious about the future of tech or want to learn more about the Twitter automated Tesla, or better yet, the fastest remote workspace on wheels, you won’t be disappointed. Mr. Fleck joins Ferroque as part of their Thought Leadership webinar series – May’s event will feature an interview with Fleck and an interactive exchange with the audience. 

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With 12 patents issued, Mr. Fleck is not short on technology ideas that work. Previously, Fleck was the CEO and a founder of 14 South Networks, an IBM Spin-off and pioneer in the application of Blade Technology for the IT industry. He was a NYS licensed Professional Engineer and graduated from NYU Poly and has an MBA from Union College. Chris has been with Citrix for the past 18 years and is currently Vice President and Technical Fellow. He will be interviewed by Ferroque Systems President, Todd Hsu. The two leaders will explore the technologies, and how the pandemic will enable a proliferation of new AI and ML technology solutions that are yet to be created and revolutionize future workspaces.

“The pandemic has only sped up the need and want for remote workspaces, something we at Citrix have been dedicated to for years,” explains Fleck. “Continued technology innovation is required to ensure we can all enjoy a work life balance that is both productive and secure – something that is increasingly important to companies and their teams. I’m excited to join Ferroque to share some ideas and explore the possibilities of remote work on the road.”

If you think back in time, standard features you see in today’s vehicles, such as paddle shifters on the steering wheel, anti-lock brakes, and all-wheel-drive systems, were once showcased only in exotic cars. Supercars have helped to define the future. Every automobile manufacturer has a racing or supercar division, missioned to push the limits, find the next breakthroughs, and create that competitive edge, both on the racetrack and within the consumer market. In Citrix, Chris Fleck is that supercar division. Chris’ job description as the Vice-President & Technical Fellow is to dream big, find “the next big thing”, and define the future for Citrix Systems.

“Chris has a unique and privileged perspective on technology in the workspace – something very few could possibly enjoy,” says Hsu. “Dreaming big, thinking bold and defining the future of tech is something Chris does every day. I’m looking forward to hearing some of his crazy ideas,” Hsu said. Ferroque has the privilege and honour to host Chris on May 20. He’ll be sharing with us some stories from his past and will play a key role in helping Ferroque Systems define what to implement next in their #wfx (work from anywhere) Lamborghini project. Can you imagine what’s to come next for the fastest moving workspace in the world? Chris can. 

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