If you are a cinephile or a filmmaker — or both, you want something that signifies for love for the “Seventh Art.” Jewellery designer and cinephile Joy Smith started Cinebling, a unique jewellery retailer with jewellery designed with movie lovers in mind.


West Yorkshire, UK, 20 November 2020 – Cinebling has created one of the best gifts for movie lovers. The online retailer was started by the jewellery designer and cinephile Joy Smith. Smith wanted to find a way to share her love for movies with other cinephiles and filmmakers alike. She has created unique pieces of jewellery with a variety of designs that film lovers will love. 

If you are shopping for presents for film lovers this Christmas, you should visit Cinebling’s online catalogue.

Our newest collection is called Plot Twist. This is Cinebling’s most ambitious collection yet. It features bracelets, earrings, and necklaces inspired by plot twists from popular films. The plot twist is an arc that has existed from Hitchcock to Fincher and can now be celebrated by film fans through our jewellery collection.

Plot Twist is the latest addition to our already unique collection that includes Perfectly Popped — jewellery with pendants and charms in the style of “popped” popcorn. We’ve also got Love Cinema, for those customers who enjoy romantic cinema and a horror collection for those who prefer to be frightened.

If one has an aspiring filmmaker, film critic/historian, or cinema-junkie in their life then they’ll love a piece of jewellery from our collection. Our Plot Twist collection was made to appeal to all ages and tastes. If you want to celebrate the mystery and suspense that cinema does so well, have a glance at our collection.

 We’ve sold our jewellery to film lovers all over the UK, and we’d love for you to view our catalogue and find something for yourself or for the movie lovers in your life. Our gemstones are also conflict-free and our pricing is affordable. 

Cinebling was started as a way for movie lovers to share their love for cinema with the world. Joy Smith still “watches as many movies as I can.” She wanted to share her passion for jewellery with others who “love movies as much as I do — whether they watch films or make films, or do a bit of both.”

If you are looking for great gifts for movie lovers, look no further than the catalogue at Cinebling. We are offering great deals for Christmas so hurry now to get your jewellery! 

About Cinebling: If you love cinema and you love jewellery, we are here to marry the two. We sell jewellery for cinema-goers and professionals in the film industry. Our designer Joy Smith has been a film lover all of her life and wanted to share her love of cinema with fellow cinephiles. The best way to do this was to create custom jewellery made for cinephiles and filmmakers alike. We’d love you to look at our catalogue today!

Contact Info:

Name: Joy Smith
Phone: +440 771 900 6946
Organization: Cinebling
Address: 28 Truro Walk, Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DJ ENGLAND
Website: https://www.cinebling.com/