Cianflone Scientific, founded in 1984, plays a significant role in developing the technology to provide portable elemental analysis capabilities using WDXRF technology. By deploying a new website with advanced features, they will continue their commitment to their customers and products.


Pittsburgh, PA, August 3, 2021 – Cianflone Scientific, founded in 1984, has played a significant role in developing technology that provides portable elemental analysis using WDXRF technology. Founder Robert “Bob” Cianflone truly believed that the products designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA hold the highest quality levels achievable. 

In November 2019, KTC Instruments purchased Cianflone Scientific with a renewed commitment to excellence and a persistent drive to serve their customers. 

As part of that commitment, James Knight, Cianflone Scientific’s CEO, is pleased to announce the first step of their new branding efforts with the launch of their new website. The new site includes advanced features which will streamline the customer experience. Among the changes, you will see on Cianflone’s new website are explanations of how products apply to specific industries, rebranding of the Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace to PortaMelt™, the addition of consumables, redefined clarity on PortaSpec® models, and video product tutorials.

Visit to explore the new website changes. Your feedback and suggestions will be welcome for further product and service improvements. 


Cianflone products provide precise on-site chemical analysis and coating thickness measurements across many industries, including steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, mining, and petroleum. The company serves customers worldwide, including Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific, South America, and South Africa.

Contact Info:

Organization: Cianflone Scientific
Address: 135 Industry Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, 15275
Phone: 800-569-9400
Email: [email protected]