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Those who enjoy athletic endeavors tend to put their bodies through quite a lot, even if they aren’t professional athletes. Whether they enjoy hiking or biking on the trails, playing tennis, weight lifting, swimming, or engaging in other athletic activities, it can take a lot out of the body. Even when they try to take care of their bodies with proper stretching, eating right, and taking it easy on certain days, it can still take some time to recover. However, it’s not always easy. They might not always be getting the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Naturally, athletic people want to recover as quickly as possible so they can get back out there and do the things they love. One of the best solutions for this is using IV therapy for performance recovery. The Athlete Plus formula from XCellR8 Health was made specifically for athletes to help them rehydrate and improve their recovery rates.

Why Does IV Therapy Work Well for Recovery?

IV therapy for performance recovery is a great solution because it can get those nutrients, electrolytes, and fluids into the body quickly. Instead of going through the digestive system, it gets to work in the bloodstream as soon as it enters the body through the IV. This means faster recovery.

Compare this to some of the other ways that people try to recover after strenuous workouts or before they undertake a major athletic event. A lot of people think drinking water and sports drinks or taking extra vitamins is enough. While hydration is always important, it doesn’t get into the body right away. The same is true with vitamins. A lot of vitamins end up being wasted since they become actual waste when they flow through the digestive system. They never even get into the body’s bloodstream to help. The IV is faster and more efficient.

How Often Is IV Therapy for Performance Recovery Needed?

One of the big questions that people have when considering this type of therapy is how often they will need it. Most people do not want to get an IV each day before or after their workout. They worry that it would take too much time. Even though the process will only take about an hour, having the therapy daily is not necessary.

Most people will opt to have the therapy once a week or maybe once every two weeks. Others might only have it after they’ve gone through a big athletic undertaking, such as running a race or going on a long hike. Use the IV therapy for performance recovery when it’s needed. It’s not a substitute for eating well and hydrating with water naturally, but it makes a wonderful supplement.

Talk with the Professionals

Those who are interested in IV therapy for performance recovery should speak with the professionals at XCellR8 Health. They can learn more about how it all works and how it might benefit them. They can also learn about some of the other options that are available for IV therapy. Call today to schedule a consultation.