Child Care Biz Help expands its training and event program geared toward early education associations, centers, and groups. These learning programs provide greater educational opportunities for the child care industry.

Oconomowoc, WI – Leading child care industry consulting firm, Child Care Biz Help offers innovative child care training and strategy events. These opportunities are ideal for providing greater educational opportunities for childcare centers, associations, and other early education groups. 

The program works to further educate owners, management, and staff on the best child care practices. These childcare training opportunities are designed to entertain and inform attendees. The training events consist of small to large groups or workshop-style sessions. Webinars and on-site training sessions are also available. 

Caroline Jens, Founder of Child Care Biz Help says, “The main goal of our training program is to create positive and powerful changes for child care organizations as well as our community. We feel these training and event opportunities offer an innovative way for our clients to reinvent their child care business. The techniques they will learn will allow them to enhance engagement and inspiration among staff while providing the best possible services to their customers.”

The innovative program works to cover all child care topics. It focuses on creative presentations and motivational tactics to enhance engagement. Attendees will also learn new skill-building techniques from top child care consultants. The Child Care Biz Help program focuses on the unique culture of each business that uses their services. They work to address each childcare client’s challenges and provide insightful solutions.  

Child Care Biz Help offers different webinar series to help enhance its training program. One of the most popular webinars focuses on “Reinventing How Child Care Is Done”. This webinar features a different educational topic each month. This includes marketing techniques, maintaining a positive mindset, learning leadership skills, child care culture, and employee retention and recruitment.  

The firm also specializes in early investigations webinars. Viewers can learn more about simple and effective management strategies that create positive changes in their early childhood programs. Key takeaways include using praise to gain better performance levels, onboarding techniques, and how leadership style can transform your company culture. They will also gain insight into creative marketing tactics, attracting new customers through testimonials, and increasing productivity and profitability. Webinars feature a convenient lunch and learn style training. This allows attendees to view webinars while enjoying lunch. Each webinar lasts about 30 minutes.   

Child Care Biz Help offers other training programs that focus on finding, hiring, and retaining top talent for your child care organization. They also host an annual child care leadership conference. Other Child Care Biz Help services include consulting and recruiting. Website, SEO, and video services are also available for child care clients.  

About Child Care Biz Help:

Child Care Biz Help is the child care industry’s premier consulting firm, offering a variety of customized, holistic solutions to help its partners run a more successful business. With a team comprised entirely of individuals with child care backgrounds, Child Care Biz Help has the experience and expertise to provide solutions and insights that cannot be found anywhere else in the child care industry.

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Name: Caroline Jens

Organization: Child Care Biz Help

Phone: 262-804-0339