Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., a hardwood floor refinishing and installation company in Chicago, Illinois, is ready to fix and install any hardwood floors! Highly rated as one of the best wood floor repair businesses in the area, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., will stain, sand, and improve any hardwood floors that may need care. Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., currently services the greater Chicago, IL area. 


Chicago, IL, July 6, 2020 – Local hardwood floor installation and repair contractor, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., is ready and available to tackle any residential and commercial hardwood floor that may need a little care. The company provides services from staining and sanding, to refurbishing and restoration in order to enhance any beautiful hardwood floor. Continuously highly rated by its loyal customers, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., has been named one of the best flooring contractors in Chicago .  

The company prides itself of providing quality care and service to any hardwood floors because they understand that there is nothing better than beautiful hardwood floors. Because these floors offer natural warmth and design, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., recognizes the value that gorgeous hardwood floors have on the value of a home. 

Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc. currently offers a wide range of hardwood floor varieties including traditional Oak, rustic Pine, exotic Wenge, and trendy Bamboo to satisfy any customer’s needs and likes. Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc, is also proud to partner with Bruce Hardwood Floors, Kentucky Wood Floors, Kahrs, Tarkett, and more!

About Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc.: As one of the best local and professional flooring contractors of its kind, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., provides top-quality residential and commercial wood flooring solutions. The company provides services such as hardwood floor installation in Chicagohardwood floor refinishing in Chicago, sanding, staining, and finishing of hardwood and solid wood floors.  The company also offers other services like predefined , engineered laminate floor installation, and leveling and squeak removal. As experts in stair steps installation, the Great Hardwood Flooring Services team uses a dustless sanding system that is environmentally friendly and great for customers that have certain respiratory problems. Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc. currently serves the North, West, and South suburbs and various Chicagoland locations. For more information about the services Great Hardwood Flooring provides, please visit

By offering free estimates to their customers, Great Hardwood Flooring Services, Inc., knows that each floor is unique, but are passionate about the experience that each customer receives after a rejuvenated hardwood floor. Hardwood floors not only “enhance the decor of any room, ” but may “increase the value of your property.”  Also, because Great Hardwood Flooring Services does not sub-contract any work, they hire responsible and professional teams of years of expertise in the field that are “eager to install your brand new hardwood floor, or refinish your existing hardwood floor.” 

Customers continuously rate Great Hardwood Flooring Services and its team as some of the most experienced technicians that offer assurance, confidence, and respectability to every customer and every job. Most customers claim that the final product was of such high workmanship, that it exceeds expectations time and time again!

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