Changing doctor

The pain and suffering of a workers’ comp case can take a toll on you.

Sometimes it feels like everything has to be perfect for your workers’ comp case to actually get it approved. It becomes even more difficult when you’ve got a problem with your medical care.

Switching doctors in everyday life is an easy task. All you really have to do is tell the one you’re leaving, then call up another to arrange an appointment. It’s not that simple during a workers’ comp case.

In this post, we’re going to talk a little about the right and wrong ways to change doctors in this scenario. You want to get the best care possible from a doctor that understands how these matters work, but you don’t want to look suspicious along the way.

Why Switching Doctors is Difficult

First of all, you need to check your state’s workers’ compensation law to find out who’s able to assign your treating physician, because it does differ from state to state. In some, you’re legally free to choose and change doctors as you need to, but in others, your employer and their insurance company have that power.

This is important, because you may find that your assigned doctor is more focused on how your employer feels than your treatment. Ultimately, you want a doctor that can treat you, refer you to specialists, and help you navigate the entire workers’ comp process.

No matter what, you should be able to seek proper care. In almost every state, there are laws in place that allow you to switch your treating physician at least once. However, in states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, the insurance company will still assign your doctor, even after you’ve requested a switch.

If you still feel like your employer is being valued over your recovery after a switch, you can file an appeal with your state’s workers’ comp board. In this case, you’ll need a workers’ comp attorney.

The other main thing that differs from state to state is the number of times that you’re allowed to switch doctors. In Illinois, you can change your doctor twice without consulting the insurance company, but in Georgia, it’s only once.

The bottom line is that before you do anything, you need to do a little bit of reading up on your state’s workers’ comp laws.

Finding a Great Workers’ Comp Doctor

Whatever path you take to finding a doctor, it’s important to find one that you’re comfortable with and trust, that also has experience treating your condition. They should also be well-versed in the processes of your state’s workers’ comp law.

At, you’ll find a list of the best doctors in the New York area. With them, you’ll never need to worry about your well-being taking a back seat to your employer’s interests.

Get the Care You Deserve

Don’t let a neglectful doctor take control of your workers’ comp case. Investigate your state’s workers’ comp laws and get to work finding a doctor that you can trust with your treatment. Switching doctors isn’t ideal for your claim, but you need to worry about yourself, not your employer.

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