Broomfield, CO, March 9, 2020 – The Centeno-Schultz Clinic, the world’s premier orthopedic stem cell and regenerative medicine provider, was pleased to participate this past week in the 5th Annual IOF Conference.   

Chris Centeno, MD, provided an update on the Delphi panel, which he helped establish in 2019.  The Delphi panel establishes best practices for the use of bone marrow concentrate (a same-day bone marrow stem cell procedure). The panel includes many academics from universities such a Cornell, Mayo, Emory, Stanford, etc… as well as a dozen private practice physicians from various specialties, including orthopedic surgeons, PMR physicians, sports med, radiologists and others. They all agreed on the need to use a registry, the need to publish results, the use of expanded informed consent, waiting for certain levels of evidence before using BMC for new applications, and many more best practice recommendations. The results have been submitted for publication.

Dr. Centeno also provided a talk on Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Differentiation versus Paracine mechanisms, which addresses the question of whether MSCs “turn into” other repair cells or if they simply excrete various growth factors and cytokines that coordinate a repair response from other cells.  The literature varies on this topic, but Dr. Centeno strongly believes there is a misunderstanding that is perpetuated by the study designs.  He states, “For example, when lab rats are studied, due to their small size, it is impossible to collect bone marrow from, and then treat, the same rat.  Therefore, these studies use ALLOGENIC MSCs or stem cells from a different source.  Recent animal studies have shown that this is sub-optimal and that utilizing allogeneic MSCs, or cells from a different donor, do not produce the same positive outcomes as AUTOLOGOUS MSCs – or cells that are harvested from or very similar to (HL matched) your own body.”   Based on the available published research, Dr. Centeno concluded that allogenic MSCs are likely producing a paracine effect, while autologous MSCs are likely acting by both modes.  “The autologous MSCs have been shown to stay in place and continue to provide repair mechanisms while the allogenic MSCs are recognized as a foreign substance and excreted from the body. “   

Finally, several of the Centeno Schultz providers led hands-on training courses, including an Intermediate Spine course proctored by Dr. John Pitts and a Fundamentals of Orthobiologics course led by Dr. Matthew Hyzy

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