Brightside Recovery is Celebrating Their One-Year Anniversary, Continuing to Provide Support to Those in Recovery


Tinley Park, North Aurora, Rockford, and Northbrook, IL, February 21, 2022: Today, Brightside Recovery celebrates their first anniversary within the addiction treatment community. Over the last year, Brightside Recovery has helped over 65 clients find recovery from their substance abuse issues and are excited to continue their efforts into 2022 as a top-rated drug rehab in Illinois.

While we continue to work and improve, we cherish the knowledge that 82% of clients who came to Brightside Recovery for help found sobriety during treatment. We are proud of the fact that our addiction treatment programs in Chicago have been beneficial to so many people who needed help. Brightside Recovery will always look to find more effective ways to help those who need it, and we could not be more proud of everything we have accomplished over the last year.

While Brightside Recovery celebrates our one-year anniversary, we also want to point out that some of our very first clients are celebrating their first year sober this month as well, with many other clients having upcoming sobriety anniversaries as well. We are proud of the work that our clients have done over the last year and look forward to the new clients we will meet in the future.

To learn more about the programs offered at Brightside Recovery’s Illinois drug and alcohol treatment centers, please check For more information, contact Brightside Recovery at 708-360-7022 or email us at [email protected].

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