Rensselaer, NY, June 27, 2023: Integrated Liner Technologies (ILT) is happy to announce the launch of a brand new website design as part of our 30th anniversary celebration! Join us in commemorating 30 years of manufacturing PTFE/silicone lined assembled caps for a variety of industries, including Chromatography sample analysis, Environmental sample testing, Headspace sample analysis, Clinical Diagnostic kits, and Chemical Packaging.

Our customers can look forward to a streamlined site design, with a greatly improved user interface. There is more detail than ever on our new site, and all of it is easily accessible with a simple click of a button. Our product catalog has been restructured for peak clarity, so customers can find exactly what they are looking for in a speedy fashion. Discover the behind-the-scenes at our Manufacturing tab, or explore our facilities at the Laboratory tab!

Visit the new ILT website at designed by Make Your Mark Digital and learn more about our bottle cap lining systems, manufacturing and custom capabilities.

“We’re excited for our customers to see our expanded product pages. Every detail they need will be readily available on each page, along with a downloadable PDF outlining further pertinent information. It’s really come a long way!”

– Kevin Frake, President of ILT

Our Story

In 1993, our founder, engineer Paul Petrosino created ILT as a manufacturer of caps, septa, and seals. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a revolutionary invention. He developed a chemically inert way to bond septa to plastic caps without using adhesives. The innovation was priceless. By 1996, ILT had doubled production, patented its Inter Seal™ bonding system technology, and broke into the environmental testing market.

ILT continued to expand, investing in product development for customization and proprietary tooling. We also began to design unique machinery and equipment, and trained our technical staff to keep improving. The company expanded to the point where we had to move into a larger production facility in the early 2000s to accommodate our manufacturing boom and growing portfolio.

We built our reputation on technological innovation, and continued to push boundaries with a keen eye for design and engineering. We work with an in-house team to create custom machinery to minimize any maintenance downtown and maximize production for our customers. Our onsite laboratory is responsible for all product testing and quality control. The hard work ILT put in paid off, and soon, ILTs products became known as the industry standard for the majority of analytical instruments in liquid and gas chromatography. 

Today, ILT is an ISO 9001 13578 certified company. Our technology, industry expertise, and sales partnerships are unparalleled. In 2022, we announced the appointment of a new company president, Kevin Frake. Today, we celebrate 30 years of stellar manufacturing and progress in the industry. We are thrilled to have you join us for this momentous occasion!

ILT is a worldwide manufacturer of caps, septa, and seals used by analytical instruments in laboratories and a wide range of other applications. We seek to redefine liner technology with cutting-edge advancements in manufacturing and material science. Found nowhere else, our highly customizable products consistently meet and surpass high standards in the industry.

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