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The use of cannabis and CBD products is on the rise after their medicinal and recreational use was legalized in over half the country. Unfortunately, while you may now be able to use CBD in the comfort of your own home, these new laws don’t intervene with your employer’s right to forbid employees to use CBD, which means you may still be required to do drug tests periodically.

Whether or not you pass your next drug test could result in a number of negative consequences you would likely prefer to avoid. Fear not, we’re here to provide all of the information you need for your next CBD drug test.

Read on to learn more.

does cbd show up in a drug test

Can I Legally Refuse a Drug Test?

There are plenty of grey areas when it comes to the legalities of drug testing. For one, it will heavily depend on the state laws in which you live.

It will also depend on how much notice you received before being asked to take a drug test. For example, if you were informed that a monthly drug test was a part of your job description prior to taking the job, then you could potentially be fired for refusing it.

However, many state laws protect you from having to take a drug test that was “sprung” on you without any notice and for no reason.

This will also depend on the reason why you are being drug tested. For example, a drug test may be part of your probation requirements or part of a court mandated custody agreement.

If you believe you’re within your rights to refuse a drug test, it’s best to first speak with an attorney and be entirely aware of what the legal implications of your refusal may be.

can you fail a drug test due to cbd

The Different Types of Drug Tests

While every TV show or movie involving a drug test typically shows someone urinating into a cup, this isn’t always the way drug tests are administered.

There are a variety of drug tests which vary in timing and accuracy. The different types of drug tests include:

  • Urine tests
  • Saliva tests
  • Blood tests
  • Hair tests
  • Perspiration tests

While urine tests tend to be the most common (as they are the most affordable), it does not mean you won’t run into other methods.

does cbd show up in drug test

How Long Will it Take Until CBD is Out of Your System

Many people are concerned about taking CBD as they are fearful of failing a drug test.  Generally speaking, when you are asked to take a cannabis drug test, the drug test is screening for THC, not CBD.  Let’s start by explaining the cannabis plant which has two strains, Marijuana and Hemp. Both strains contain THC however, Marijuana has high levels of THC whereas Hemp is low in THC.  THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana in high levels, and also present in Hemp, however in significantly lower levels.  THC is known to create the psychoactive effects many know as a “high.”  However, CBD is most commonly produced from the Hemp plant which does contain some THC however per the Farm Bill Act of 2018, manufacturers are required to reduce the THC in Hemp to below .3% for it to be legally sold as CBD.

So should you stress out about testing positive on a drug test because you are taking CBD that contains THC? That depends on how much you consumed, how long ago you took it, and what type of test will be performed.

First, it’s important to be aware of any products you’re using that might have trace amounts of THC in the CBD.

It’s also important to know that different types of tests have different windows of time for detecting THC or cannabis usage.

Your standard urine test can typically detect trace amounts of THC in CBD five to 13 days after usage. Blood tests, a more short term form of testing, can detect usage in a window of five hours – seven days.

If you’re a daily user of CBD that contains THC, it will generally show in saliva tests for roughly 72 hours. While the hair follicle test can detect THC usage within the last 90 days.

does cbd show up on a drug test

Avoiding a Positive Drug Test

The first and most obvious way to pass your next drug test is to buy a CBD Brand that does NOT contain THC and has supporting third-party lab testing.  This type of CBD is known as “Broad Spectrum” CBD. Broad Spectrum means that the CBD has all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from the Hemp plant BUT all the THC is intentionally removed.  Many CBD users feel that Broad Spectrum CBD is the best CBD option available in the marketplace as you receive all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any of the negative psychoactive side effects of THC, and the possibility of failing a drug test.

However, if the CBD you are consuming has .3% THC, and is a normal part of your daily life and consumed regularly, there are other alternatives you may consider to avoid failing a cannabis drug screening test.

Again, these suggestions will depend on the type of drug test that will be administered.

For example, there are a number of shampoos specifically designed to remove traces of THC and pass a hair follicle drug test. Keep in mind—samples can be taken from anywhere in the body.

Many swear by “washing themselves out” for urine tests. This means dramatically increasing the number of fluids you take in and urinating often to rid yourself of any trace amounts.

Blood tests are easier to pass on their own due to a short detection window.

If you know exactly when your drug test is scheduled, you can also abstain from CBD with THC for a period of time while simultaneously using detox drinks designed specifically for passing drug tests.

will cbd show up on a drug test

Talk to Your Employer

If the drug test is based on your job, it may be best to talk to your employer. While we don’t suggest admitting that you use CBD that contains THC, it might be beneficial to discuss why they object to the use of CBD.

Perhaps educate your employer on the many benefits of CBD and that studies have even found it can aid in focus and attention spans.

When in doubt, see if your employer would be comfortable with foregoing the test in the event that you can get a doctors prescription for medicinal use of CBD.

does cbd oil show up on drug test

What You Do in Your Own Home

As Ben Harper wisely said, “if you’re not causing no harm then you’re all right with me”. While drug tests may be a reality, what you do on your own time is your prerogative.

For the educated CBD consumer, it’s about doing what’s best for your body and only using the purest CBD products on the market.

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