Catheon Gaming Centre Enables New Level of Asset Management

Catheon Gaming’s new update allows players to carry out in-game NFT minting, burning, and trading. Here’s what that process looks like and the impact it has.


Hong Kong, 11 April 2023— Catheon Gaming CEO is now providing updates on the integration of NFT-related blockchain functionalities into the software development kit (SDK). The team has been diligently developing backend architecture and API endpoints for in-game functionalities, which include NFT minting, burning, and trading. 

In-Game NFT Minting, Burning, and Trading

At Catheon Gaming, we were able to implement the following SDK functionalities through a solid backend structure and API endpoints: 

  • In-game NFT Minting
  • In-game NFT Burning
  • In-game NFT Trading

In-Game NFT Minting

With NFT minting, players will receive a whole new level of involvement within the game. The process is as follows:

First, the game will send a request to the backend of the Catheon Gaming Center. Then, the CGC backend will mint the new NFT and store it in a custodial contract. 

To be used in the game, all NFTs have to be linked to the CGC through the NFT Link Dashboard. The NFT Link Dashboard will facilitate the transfer of the users’ non-custodial wallet to the game’s custodial contract.

Before they can be withdrawn or listed in a secondary marketplace outside the game, all NFTs must be unlinked from the CGC.

In-Game NFT Burning

With NFT burning, users will be able to destroy existing NFTs within the game. The process is as follows:

First, the game will send a request to the CGC backend. From that point, the CGC backend will check whether the NFT exists in a custodial contract. The CGC backend will then transfer the NFT to the appropriate burn contract for the corresponding chain.

In-Game NFT Trading

With NFT trading, users will be able to exchange their NFTs for in-game currency. The process is as follows:

Players can trade their NFT for in-game currency. The game will send a request to the CGC backend for the NFT transfer, and the transfer will occur on-chain. The game will send a request to the CGC backend to update the change in in-game currency values for players involved in the NFT trade.

About Catheon Gaming:

Catheon Gaming, as recognized by KPMG and HSBC, is the number one Web3 startup in Hong Kong. The company was also voted among the top 10 emerging giants among companies in APAC.

Catheon Gaming is one of the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment companies globally. The company’s portfolio includes some of the biggest blockchain games in the industry, e.g. SolChicks, SeoulStars, and Angrymals.

With deep roots in the gaming and blockchain industries, Catheon Gaming brings together technical, gaming, and marketing expertise. The company’s goal is to become the platform of choice when it comes to incubating and launching the best blockchain games and bringing them to the widest audience possible.

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