The Old School Game Vault will pay you for your used video game collection. Think those old games are worthless? Think again! You won’t find better prices for your unwanted video games and consoles.


Chicago, IL, April 6, 2022 — As technology advances, so does the video game industry. While video game consoles and games come and go, nothing beats the classics. 

The Old School Game Vault is here to buy your old video games! You can make some serious cash off those old games that are just collecting dust in your closet.

Here’s how it works: You can look up the games you’re looking to sell on their website. The Old School Game Vault will send a pre-paid shipping label if your order is more than $100 in value. For orders under $100 in total value, the team will deduct ten dollars from your order to help with shipping costs.

The team offers several methods of payment:

  • Business check, which usually takes 1 to 5 business days to be received
  • PayPal – get sent money through PayPal instantly!
  • Amazon eGift Cards and Zelle, are both instant options just like PayPal

The Old School Game Vault prides themselves on their high level of communication with their clients throughout the selling process. 

Great customer service is what sets them apart from other companies.  Their customers love their transparency.

“Communication is everything! We provide email updates throughout the entire process. You’ll receive an email when we receive your package. This email will include details about how long it will take us to go through and test your package,” said one representative from The Old School Game Vault.  Then you’ll receive additional emails about when your order is processing and when payment is expected.

The Old School Game Vault will pay top dollar for your games. With a price match guarantee, you are sure to have a smooth hassle-free transaction!  You’ll find their prices are very competitive if not better than most similar online retailers.

Whether you have games & consoles from Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, or Xbox, The Old School Game Vault wants to buy them! 

For more information, you can visit The Old School Game Vault at There you can learn more about the buying video game trade-in process. There is even an informational blog filled with articles about how to buy and sell video games to them.

What are you waiting for? Turn your old retro video games into cash with The Old School Game Vault today!

About The Old School Game Vault: We buy and sell vintage video games on our website. We really are video game nerds that love to share our thoughts on our blog, about games we love to play now & games we loved as a kid in the 80s.

Contact Information:

Brandon Perton
The Old School Game Vault
6321 W. Dempster Street, Chicago, IL