Australia, 4 April 2022— Rapidly growing logistics software provider CartonCloud has announced senior executive Shaun Hagen will lead the company’s ambitious North American expansion plan.

Mr Hagen, who is currently CartonCloud’s Chief Operating Officer, will be the company’s first boots on the ground in North America, spearheading their entry into the new markets and building a dedicated local team on the continent.

The move comes as logistics companies across the globe face an era of unprecedented change as supply chain volumes increase and customer expectations evolve, especially for last-mile delivery.

CartonCloud’s warehouse, transport and integrated 3PL software management systems allow SMEs to enhance their operations through features that provide automation of data entry and admin, better integrations, flexible and efficient workflows and enhanced recipient experience for last-mile providers.

The first stage of the expansion plan will target entry into the Canadian logistics market with a CartonCloud office to open in Vancouver in April.

The strategic move to establish a presence in North America follows CartonCloud’s successful completion of a $12 million capital raise from MA Financial.

Mr Hagen said the North American logistics market held an abundance of opportunities for CartonCloud.

“It’s really exciting to hit the ground running in Canada and pursue the next phase of growth,” Mr Hagen said.

“Entering the North American market is a huge milestone for this home-grown business.”

“Beginning the expansion in Canada is a logical first step before ramping up our North American presence with entry into the United States market towards the end of the year.

“CartonCloud works with a lot of SME logistics companies in Australia and New Zealand, and SME logistics providers represent a big segment of the market in Canada, which gives us an insight into the pain points and needs of this market.”

“We already have two customers in Canada who have integrated their operation with CartonCloud successfully and have achieved great outcomes.”

CartonCloud founder and CEO Vincent Fletcher said having Shaun Hagen head up the company’s North American expansion was incredibly exciting.

“North America is a key market for us moving forward and we will have a strong representative on the ground to launch there,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Shaun has contributed to our significant growth in Australia during his four years at CartonCloud there is no finer talent to lead our overseas expansion.”

“Entering the massive US logistics industry and building a team there opens up extraordinary opportunities for CartonCloud to secure new customers, build new industry partnerships and continue to improve our product for all of our global customers.”

Mr Hagen said while they were still a few months away from having boots on the ground, work was well underway back home to lay the foundations.

“We’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal of securing 40 new North American customers by the end of the year supported by a local team of eight staff, which will provide a strong foundation for growth into the future,” Mr Hagen said.

“The experience gained from operating in the North American logistics industry can be used to further develop the CartonCloud product and add more value for our existing customers back here in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Our features and our understanding of the industry is what keeps our product a cut above the rest — and is why our customers continue to grow and succeed with CartonCloud.”

“The continual development of CartonCloud is of the utmost importance to us as a company, and to our growing network of customers across the globe.”

Mr Fletcher said the expansion to a new market held exciting opportunities for the company as a whole— and the plan had been on the cards for some time.

“The investment by MA Financial has given us the ability to significantly increase our headcount, fast-track development to roll out new features and expand to North America,” Mr Fletcher said.

“We’re looking forward to increasing our research and development, expanding the team and having the ability to roll out new features and product updates sooner, so we can keep our customers ahead of the game.”

“Our growth and the success of the CartonCloud software comes from a deep understanding of the key issues and trends impacting our industry.”

“CartonCloud is built to be the solution for the pain points in our industry.”

“We are dedicated to constantly increasing our software’s functionality to allow SMEs to streamline their workflow, optimise operations to get greater yield from the resources they have, and effectively plan for the future.”

About CartonCloud: CartonCloud was created from inside a 3PL warehouse. It is designed to enable warehouse and transport businesses to streamline operations by automating a range of processes traditionally done using paper-based systems.

It supports optimising warehouse and transport operations while providing data for business intelligence and planning. The cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform enables users to automate actions, streamline workflow and increase accuracy in data reporting.

A fully integrated warehouse management system with dedicated warehouse and transport features and a mobile app, CartonCloud empowers logistics providers to enhance accuracy, track inventory, automate data entry and invoicing, improve customer service and more. If you need more information on CartonCloud’s transport management system, visit

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