Costa Mesa, CA, January 24, 2022— 2021 was an unprecedented year for everyone. Companies were faced with an onslaught of issues that resulted in industry disruptions across the globe. carSHAiR responded to these challenges by leaning into the changes and acting as a trailblazer in the rental car space. Heading into the new year, they intend to keep this trend going.

Back in 2020, carSHAiR found that security was a big issue in the car sharing industry. For example, on competing platforms, a host might not know who exactly is renting their vehicle. To combat this, carSHAiR introduced a state-of-the-art verification system that lets both the host and renter feel secure throughout the rental process.

But they didn’t stop there. After a year of collecting data, carSHAiR discovered that security deposits were a major roadblock for consumers. Even though carSHAiR was already charging less than their competitors, some of whom were charging up to $750 in fees, they still felt they could do more to help out the everyday person just looking for something to get them from point A to point B.

Because they take measures to ensure high caliber and responsible members, carSHAiR spends less on claims than other companies. As such, they’ve chosen to pass on these savings to their guests. Here are some ways they’ve made car sharing more affordable:(1) they’ve lowered their security deposits to $0, (2) they completely eliminated processing fees, and (3) they lowered insurance rates.

When asked why they made these changes, CEO Greg Martel replied, “To make it easier for users to get the car they need without having to sacrifice some leverage on their credit cards.” This update comes at the perfect time when many users are shopping for the holidays and may not have sufficient credit for a hefty deposit or fees.

With these updates, users can expect total reservation costs to be up to 50% less. “All without sacrificing any quality of service or coverage,” adds cofounder Garrick Delafuente.

By lowering insurance costs, removing security deposits, cutting out unnecessary fees, and rewarding loyal users, carSHAiR has created a community around fast, reliable, on-demand transportation that puts the user first.

About SHAiR: At SHAiR, we’ve cracked the code to car SHAiRing. Our vision is to empower people to take advantage of financial opportunities not normally available to them, all while making sure their assets and information are as secure as possible.

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