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Your Car Body Paint Can Speak!

Okay, you can drive around in your dream car. Which car would you choose? Would you choose the handsome Ferrari or the elegant Mercedes Benz? Okay, you’ve picked your car. Now, what car body paint will you choose? For most, this is a question that takes a little longer to answer. You can’t just pick any color. The right car body paint could be the difference of you being a leeching freeloader and the CEO of life on hot wheels. Keep reading to find out how you can think to make your decision really count!

Tap Into the Psychology of Things

Well, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, car body paint does tap into our minds on a psychological level. A credible source talks psychology and explains how the color of your car can describe your personality quite accurately. For example, a black car is actually one of the most common car colors because it signifies power and elegance. White car may signify cleanliness and purity. Are you the outgoing type that likes to get ahead in life? Well, maybe a red car could be the perfect fit for you.

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Your Car Body Color Needs to Fit You

Once you think of it, your car plays a similar role to your clothes. Your clothing is chosen for a particular reason. There are casual clothes, formal clothes, date clothes, and even bedclothes that you may choose for specific reasons. Your clothing serves almost as a decoration for your body. Think of your dream car’s paint job as a decoration for your life! Different paint jobs do different things. There are cars with newspaper paint jobs and even mirror paint jobs that really reflect their driver’s world.

Your Car and Your Image

This brings us to your next important role of the car’s body paint. What type of image do you want your car to paint for you? There are some car body paint jobs that say so much about the person driving it that you can assume where they might be going. The businessman might drive a tan BMW that blends in a little while the gang member might drive a car with a paint job that screams where they are from and who they are rolling with. So, your desired image certainly needs to be defined before you make any decisions.

What Type of Tone Will Your Color give off?

The last internal influence that your dream car should resemble is your tone. Colors send signals to the brain that most of us do not even recognize. For example, the stop sign has a bright red color that demands, you to stop or the sun even has a blinding bright appearance to give light and brighten up your day. So, it would be pretty cool if you could pick the perfect car body paint to give off this kind of effect. You never know when your car’s color will influence someone’s mood but it’s possible.

Let Your Car Open Doors For a Lifestyle

This leads us to another big influencer, what type of lifestyle do you want your car to bring about? The right car can open many doors for you. No seriously, they can be sideways, horizontal, flip-flopped and more. So, with this fact, you should think about some of these key elements very carefully. Your car body will serve as a visual representation of the type of life you live and desire. When someone’s car is dirty it usually coincides with them not being very clean people.

Auto Design That Is Wild And Free

One of the most perfect examples of this is the Dukes of Hazzard. The Duke boys were reckless, young, wild, and free. Their car body paint depicts their stereotype or characters accurate. Their bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger is always seen burning rubber while they drive into their next scheme to start some trouble. Their car is seen with a number one on the side of it and the name General Lee on its roof with a confederate flag. By taking one glance at this car you can tell that the owner is bold, confident, and proud.

What Kind of People Will Come With The Lifestyle?

Once your desired lifestyle is chosen. You can begin to ask yourself other serious questions. What kind of people do you want to attract with your car? Because today’s society is very materialistic, you can expect people to look at you in a certain way. In fact, the biggest influence your car may have is toward the opposite sex. Women read car types and car body paints like sexual horoscope. Most likely, your car’s body paint can influence the mate and the date.

Girls Like Hot Rides

What do I mean by this? The perfect example of this public interview was conducted on everyday women in the public and their opinions toward cars and the way that they look. The interviewer asked these women questions about what cars say about the men who drive them and whether orcar paint not it influences whether they would consider dating the man or not. The interviewerlearned that most women use the car that a man my drive to help determine if they are a date or nay.

Very few women believed that the man driving the car is the most important aspect to consider. Most of the women felt that if a man has a nice car, he has higher social status, discipline, and can even appear to be more attractive. This music video named Ice Cream paint job so thoroughly depicts the influence that a beautiful paint job can have on women and your confidence.

This video shows how lots of women will literally flock to a man just because his car is cream on the inside and clean on the outside with an ice cream paint job. In this case, his car also depicts his cultural identity as a well-known rapper with a high-income level. He attracts the type of women that desire a man of his social standing. This is the powerful influence a nice paint job can bring to your lifestyle. So, It’s your choice. Do you prefer groupies or more modest women?

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Your Car Body Paint Can Tell Your Purpose

The new lifestyle that your car paint can reveal is also capable of making a statement on behalf of your desired purpose. There are company cars, cultural cars, show cars and more. The body paint of your ideal car has the ability to portray something about your purpose to anyone who sees you driving it. The monster truck industry is the perfect model for how your car’s body paint can make a statement. There’s this particular vehicle with the name of Grave Digger that is a star in this particular industry.

Grave Digger – Car Painted To Intimidate

Grave Digger is a 1952 Ford pickup truck body with enhancing parts that help it to perform unbelievable sports at Monster Jam. According to Monster jam, Grave Digger was hand painted so that it could demand attention and describe it’s a character for its beloved fans. Grave Digger isn’t a luxury car that was made to cruise in style. Instead, it serves its purpose to look and perform in a way that dominates and intimidates its opponents so that the Monster Jam world can cheer.

I am not saying that your car should try to compete with the Grave Digger. Your car may very well help the Grave Digger live up to its name. I am saying that whatever your purpose in life may be, your dream car should match.

Blue lives and Paint Jobs Coincide

Which leads us to our next common result of having a nice car body paint, respect. The police car is an ideal example of how the car body paint can automatically demand respect from everyone around you. When the police car is seen, some people may feel scarred while others may feel more relaxed. The police car paint job is bold but subtle at the same time. This commercial vehicle has been representing its clan and purpose in the same way for millennials.

The drivers of this vehicle have even done enough to earn their own theme song. This song was recently featured in the movie US to give insight about the role of technology and the police. The characters were in a hostile situation and like most people, they immediately thought to call the police for help. The loud sirens and established presence of the police car could have easily helped them in their situation. NWA’s hit F the police was then played.

This song strongly describes how the police have acquired a negative reputation over time. Some people may feel that this is respect depending on their points of views. While others are screaming F the police. Their car definitely gets just as much of an emotional response as the driver inside. Maybe the paint job should incorporate the constitution on the car so that respect can be mutual for both parties.

Police officers and their cars have served this country with the spirit of justice while doing their best to uphold their oath to the Constitution of the United States of America to the best of their ability. Because of this, police officers are able to ride around in their cars with the respect and authority that they deserve. Your dream car may not have a paint job like a police officer but I’m sure that you get the point.

Let Your Inner Artist Roll!

Our next important aspect to car body paint is the most important aspect of them all. The artistic take of your choice. Everyone has an inner artist that is just waiting to be revealed. You and I are different but the same and we can all agree that everyone can appreciate looking at nice car body paint every once in a while. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can but on your ideal set of wheels to be fulfilled.

Our rides are one of the coolest ways to express who we are as an artist. With today’s capabilities, there so many options and room for new ideas. A YouTube video shows how car body paint can glow in the dark to light up the night, astrological so that it aligns with your stars, and even paramagnetic so that it changes with a remote control. Your imagination is free to run wild and choose whatever your heart desires.

The Good And The Bad

A bad paint job is also a topic work talking about. You might ask, what is a bad paint job? Well, this also varies according to the driver’s perspective. Some people love their car to be covered in dirt to show off their mud riding capabilities. Others may prefer a wax finish to symbolize their lifestyle of waxy perfection. It’s up to you!

Please do keep into account the colors of rivals. What does this mean? Well, some people see certain cars portrayed boldly on a car as a form of disrespect. For example, some gangs have rival colors like the bloods and the crips. Even though people like now deceased Nipsey Hustle has tried to end this controversy. Some still hold true to their dislike for the rival gang and their colors as well.

So please, if you are ever in Los Angelo’s California, please make sure that your car body paint is not vibrantly red or blue because someone just might hate you for it. There have also been instances where flags on cars have caused division. For example, the Laguna Beach department incorporate the American flag on their police cars in 2019 and people were opposed of this action. Some immigrants and citizens felt that the flag was aggressive and distrustful.

Now You Are Ready!

Well, that sums up all the important ideas that should be considered when selecting your dream car body paint. Good luck with your new car look and lifestyle!