Adventurer “Safari” Arie Hoggerbrugge is riding his bicycle through the Americas to plant a million new trees across the regions he visits. He’s now in Phase Two of his journey and has partnered with One Tree Planted to support his efforts. Follow his incredible journey at


Seattle, WA, October 30, 2020 – “Safari” Arie Hoggerbrugge has already ridden his bicycle 12,300 km across Canada since his journey began just under a year ago in St. John’s Newfoundland on November 12, 2019.

The former long-haul trucker traded 18 wheels for two wheels (actually three including his cargo trailer). He pushed westward into Quebec and Ontario during the height of the Canadian winter, in weather better suited for skis than bicycle tires.

Only the outbreak of COVID19 in mid-March halted Hoggerbrugge, 47, for several weeks in Ontario. By mid-May, he was back in the saddle as the warmth of the Canadian summer beckoned him westward across the Prairie Provinces and into British Columbia. He reached the Pacific coast in Vancouver by late September.

Feats of great endurance and perseverance are commonplace for the nonchalant Hoggerbrugge, who hails from Grimsby, Ontario. “To push and challenge myself to my possible limit gives me courage for the future, and will hopefully inspire others to challenge themselves,” he said.

One challenge that Hoggerbrugge hopes to meet is to plant one million trees during his 50,000 km journey across three Americas to the tip of southern Argentina, with a planned arrival sometime in 2022.

As he begins Phase Two of his journey southward into the fire-ravaged western United States, this modern-day Johnny Appleseed is aware of the immediate need for reforestation. He has teamed up with the charity One Tree Planted to support his efforts.

“I’d like to turn one million trees into one billion trees,” said Hoggerbrugge. 

Safari Arie has also been humbled by the gestures of kindness and generosity during his travels so far. A total of 55 hosts opened their homes to him as he completed his cross-Canada journey, and he expects the same hospitality as he enters foreign soil.

He later described his surprisingly easy flight to the United States.

“It went about as smoothly as it could go,” said Hoogerbrugge about his trip through U.S. Customs. “Everybody in customs was friendly and relaxed and curious about my bicycle journey.”

You can support Safari Arie as he embarks on Phase Two of his odyssey by visiting his website, making a donation to One Tree Planted, and following his photos online and across social media platforms like Facebook.


Join us on Arie Hoggerbrugge’s journey: one man on two wheels riding his bike through three Americas to plant a million trees in the regions he visits. Follow “Safari Arie” as he moves south through the western U.S., into Mexico, Central America, the Amazon rainforest, and the Andes mountains on his way to Tierra del Fuego. Support his quest to plant a million trees in the regions he visits over the next two years by donating at his website, or by supporting the corporations who sponsor his cause.

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