Amego Electric Vehicles has sold 1,000 e-bikes to food delivery riders via partnership with Uber Eats


Toronto, Ontario, 22 April 2021: Amego Electric Vehicles today announced the sale of more than 1,000 e-bikes to food delivery riders, taking over 1,000 delivery cars off the road and avoiding at least 500,000 lbs of carbon emissions. It’s a major milestone for Amego in its mission to grow the e- mobility movement and make an environmental impact.

“The beauty of our partnership with Uber Eats, is that every single meal someone orders is helping the environment when it’s delivered by one of our riders – choosing an e-bike over a car,” says Virginia Block, President at Amego Electric Vehicles.

“Since founding Amego in 2010 we’ve become Canada’s leading e-bike seller, but we haven’t forgotten why we began. Earth Day 2021 is another reminder of what we can accomplish, when we make strategic partnerships that propel everyone forward.”

Amego’s collaboration with Uber Eats provides delivery workers with a discount of up to 15% on the purchase of an electric bike, which can be financed over time.

E-bikes allow delivery riders to “Be Limitless” with:

  • Zero car insurance or parking fees
  • The ability to conserve their own energy, allowing for longer shifts
  • Completion of 25% more trips per hour than cars
  • Avoidance of parking tickets during short stops
  • Power to climb hills easily while using zero gasoline
  • A way to travel without breaking a sweat

Amego ships its bikes all over Canada and the Continental U.S. with bikes arriving 90% assembled.

One of the top Uber Eats riders in Toronto has logged 80,000km on his Stromer ST1 e-bike purchased from Amego two years ago. He can zip past traffic, stop quickly, and make his

deliveries. With this method, he earns far more than he did on a traditional bike and is less exhausted at the end of his shifts – all while crushing delivery workers using cars – and earning a shocking amount of money.

“We’re happy to be empowering delivery workers and consumers who are indirectly helping the environment by ordering food, all while accomplishing our own mission,” says Block.

Each e-bike saves at least 500 pounds of carbon emissions compared to cars, which means the 1,000+ e-bikes sold to delivery workers so far has saved 500,000 pounds of carbon from being emitted.

Riding an e-bike can actually use less energy and have a less negative impact on the environment than traditional bikes according to several experts. In short, this is possible because of the food consumption of those riding pedal-powered bikes and how the energy it takes to produce and transport the excess food, offsets the electric power needed for e-bikes.

In addition to Amego’s own line of bikes, the company sells leading global brands such as Stromer (Switzerland), Aventon (China/USA), and TERN (Taiwan). Amego also carries top brands based in Germany and Poland.

To learn more about Amego’s partnership with UberEats click here.

Amego CEO Virginia Block is available for in-person interviews in the Toronto area or Zoom/telephone interviews worldwide.

About Amego Electric Vehicles: Founded in 2010, Amego Electric Vehicles has grown from a single storefront to selling the most e-bikes in Canada. Amego’s business model fits perfectly with Toronto’s environmentally friendly plan for the city, which includes furtherance of bike usage by its citizens. CEO Virginia Block founded Amego after years of working as an oil-industry analyst, and realizing the need for environmental change via the embrace of electric power in transportation.


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