Canada Fashion Magazine is excited to announce it’s finally going nationwide with its next printed issue! Canada Fashion Magazine is the first of its kind supporting and promoting Canadian businesses and creators. Its aim includes supporting the Canadian economy, small, local businesses and eco-friendly sustainable brands since 2017.


Ontario, Canada, 23 June 2022 – In a world dominated by big business and corporations, one company is going to bat for the local businesses.

Canada Fashion Magazine has been publishing since 2017 with the aim to promote small, local Canadian businesses. Canada Fashion Magazine is also the only bi-lingual fashion and lifestyle magazine in Canada.

The innovative magazine has been exponentially growing, with a current audience of 250,000 from all over the world. The company continues to set ambitious goals, with a target audience of one million people by the end of the year.

“Is it an ambitious goal? Yes. Is it possible? With the rate we have been growing, absolutely!” said one writer for Canada Fashion Magazine.

The reason for Canada Fashion Magazine’s success is not only due to their outside-the-box approach to promoting businesses, but also thanks to their revolutionary marketing campaigns.

Despite being a Canadian business, Canada Fashion Magazine is proud to promote cultures from all over the world, hence why people worldwide read it. Canada Fashion Magazine is also proud to be an inclusive magazine, supporting minorities and rights for all.
“I have never been more invested in reading anything in my entire life. I love this magazine!” said one avid subscriber.

Furthermore, in an effort to help the planet, Canada Fashion Magazine prides themselves on their dedication to promote sustainable, eco-friendly brands.

Canada Fashion Magazine has caught the attention of big-name brands by scoring sponsorships with Versace, Rogers, Hudson’s Bay, and other big names.

“We are all over the place! You can check us out on our website, follow us on Instagram, and also be sure to check out our YouTube channel!” said the CEO of Canada Fashion Magazine.

Right now, Canada Fashion Magazine has a great offer for new subscribers. Those who pre-order the next edition of the magazine can enjoy a discount! New subscribers can also get a gift swag box, sent right to your doorstep!

Article topics include sustainable fashion, current fashion trends, tips and guides for shopping, and other news related to fashion. Not to mention, some of the hottest local brands are promoted in the magazine.

Canada Fashion Magazine is quickly emerging as the hottest read in the nation! Don’t hesitate! Be sure to keep yourself in the fashion loop by subscribing today!

About Canada Fashion Magazine:

Canada Fashion Magazine is a Canadian fashion and lifestyle magazine. CFM was founded in 2017 with the sole mission to promote and support Canadian businesses and creators. Canada Fashion Magazine now stands at approx. 250K impressions worldwide, with the goal to grow to 1M by the end of 2022. Canada Fashion Magazine reaches a large audience worldwide as we aspire to inspire from different cultures and represent talent in other countries for the Canadian market. Support our community, our economy and local businesses by investing in sustainable, eco-friendly brands.

Contact Information:

Shelby Del Franko
Canada Fashion Magazine
191 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1Y-1E8