Auckland, New Zealand, 8 December 2020 – If there’s one thing about 2020 we can all agree on, it’s that we have spent a lot of our time in our homes. New Zealand’s lockdown measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many kiwis working from home more regularly and socialising away from our properties less. With summer around the corner and chances of travelling away for the holidays slim-to-none, the vast majority of us are looking at a stay-cation to enjoy the warmer months. But with this increase in time at our residence, you start to notice the little things about your home. Often, one of these things is that our home requires a good house wash.

But Covid-19 didn’t come to the 2020 party alone. This year has seen serious water restrictions across the North Island, leading many to ask the question…

”…Am I allowed to wash my house while these water restrictions are in place?”

Not only are we happy to let you know that the answer is “YES!” but also that the team at WashMe take the water restrictions very seriously. We have made a huge effort in doing our part to conserve water while still providing our renowned house washing services, and because of this, we have been authorised by WaterCare to provide both residential and commercial building and roof washing services. This also means that we are allowed to connect our machines to the mains supply taps when using our trigger operated machines.

Furthermore, we have upgraded our equipment and strategy in order to further conserve water use in all of our services. Not only do our new machines use lower water volume than most commercial washers, they have been custom built to recycle the water they don’t use back into their tanks to further minimise water wastage. Couple this state-of-the-art equipment with our detergent application process in which we allow our cleaning products to do the heavy lifting – rather than a reliance on water pressure – and you can enjoy our premium exterior house washing services without the worry about negatively impacting the Auckland water shortage.

It’s the same glowing result, but with added peace of mind.

David Smith, director of WashMe remarked on our company’s responsibility for taking water conservation seriously, stating “We also live on tank supplied water, as do most of our rural clients, so minimizing consumption has always been a major focus for us as a company”.

Water conservation has always been on the forefront of our WashMe house washing services. It doesn’t take a drought for us to care about our consumption, our measures have always been preemptive and will continue to be a priority for our company in the future. So if you’re looking to get your home bright, sparkling and ready for summer with a premium house wash, you can rest assured knowing that you’re still doing your part in conserving water with WashMe’s premium house washing services.

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