Creating a website for your cryotherapy business is probably the first thing you think about when you want to increase your market reach online. You’re not wrong! It’s a fact that over 80% of consumers search for a business online before purchasing a service, so lack of a digital presence will cost you, a lot.¹ Designing your website should, therefore, not be at the end of your marketing journey.

To gain a competitive edge over your competitors, you need to invest some effort and optimize your site to increase engagement, conversions, and sales. And improving your cryotherapy business website’s user experience (UX) is one of the most effective ways to do this. So, how can UX help your cryotherapy business?

Benefits of an Effective UX Design on a Cryotherapy Business Website

It Lowers Your Customer Support Cost

Cryotherapy is still relatively new, especially in the US. So, even after extensive marketing, don’t be surprised to run into customers who are just getting to know about the service and will want to ask a few questions before committing to your programs, including how safe cryotherapy machines are.

An easy-to-navigate website, with an optimized UX design, ensures that site visitors can easily find the information they are looking for. This reduces the cost of establishing call-centers and employing personnel just to deal with these queries.

Improves Website Rankings

Search engines have recently adopted user experience as one of the key ranking criteria, in a bid to provide users with relevant information faster. This is why improving your website’s user experience is a great way to increase business visibility, especially since a whopping 92% of organic clicks come from the first page of a search.²

Focus on UX factors such as mobile applicability, page speed, and attractive content (like using blog marketing) to improve your website’s rankings.

Helps Increase Conversions

The main aim of a cryotherapy website is to increase the conversion of site visitors into paying customers. It helps you differentiate your services from your competitors by highlighting your customer focus. Clients that have a great experience on your website are more likely to choose your services.

A user-centric design also tends to attract more potential customers to the site, increasing your number of leads.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Creating brand loyalty involves building a solid relationship with your clients by effectively addressing their needs. A website is one of the best communication platforms that helps you establish a connection between your customers and the business.

Make sure that your site is user-centered and provides avenues for the visitors to comment and review your services. This helps to foster trust in your brand, increasing their levels of loyalty.

Using Your Website UX to Attract Cryotherapy Customers

Cryotherapy businesses are quickly adopting websites as a tool for increasing their market reach and attracting new customers. With many competitors having a site of their own, incorporating UX is a great way to stand out while increasing your customer’s life time value. The strategy offers the business the opportunity to build its brand, improve its SEO rankings, increase conversions and lower customer support costs while at the same time helping you get customers for your cryo chamber.

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