Based in Ottawa, Ontario, RenovationFind provides its customers with a list of trustworthy handymen and other home service companies, complete with a thorough list of possible jobs and a blog post.


Ottawa, Ontario, 14 September 2020 — RenovationFind makes locating a handyman in the Ottawa area a mere matter of a handful of clicks and mouse drags. They find only the most trustworthy home service companies at

Using the latest technology, RenovationFind checks out handyman services in the local area and offers this useful information to homeowners who need handyman work and soon. RenovationFind will locate a handyman to do whatever work and whichever job a customer needs to be done. Handyman services in the Ottawa area include home repair, maintenance, and minor home-revisions. Of course, such handymen are not limited to mere abstract ideas like “home repair”; indeed, these handymen will assist with a variety of projects including floor installation, drywall patching and filling, and bathroom remodeling. All of these jobs, all of these opportunities for efficient handyman work — RenovationFind connects customers to all of this and more. 

RenovationFind only provides customers with companies that share RenovationFind’s high bar for work, companies who desire for greater customer trust and service. One of these companies is HANDYCO OTTAWA Inc., about whom RenovationFind provides all sorts of information, such as phone number, website, email, physical address, and what type of work Handyco provides. Perhaps the most important pieces with which RenovationFind provides the customer are a brief description of the company’s mission statement and the grade which RenovationFind bestows on each handyman company located. For instance, Handyco has acquired an “A-“, meaning they are a company who will often go the extra mile. And their mission statement reveals the same: “Our focus is your complete satisfaction. At Handyco, a job well done ends with a smile and a handshake. We’re proud of our excellent reputation that we’ve earned after 30 years. From general maintenance to complete renovations, compact condominiums to expansive estates, if you need it done … just call Handyco!”

RenovationFind doesn’t only find companies and provide information on them. They research the company so well that they can write an informed blog post on many of the companies they recommend. Take Handyco, for instance, in this blog titled “WORK WITH A HANDYMAN TO TACKLE THESE PRESALE RENOVATIONS,” where RenovationFind explains in detail how exactly Handyco helps assists their customers. From kitchen work to the bathroom, even the exterior, RenovationFind doesn’t miss a beat, not with any of their companies.

All About RenovationFind: Spokesperson Keith Riley has much to say about RenovationFind. “We’re known for our integrity and precision in finding only the best handymen and home service companies. If you going to hire a handyman in Ottawa, you should probably come to us first.” RenovationFind trusts their ability to find trustworthy and hard-working handyman services. No matter the job, RenovationFind trusts the companies they find to get it done.

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