Are you a lover of the great outdoors? Then Camping Forge is your go-to resource for the best blog posts, tips, and tricks regarding camping. Not only that, but Camping Forge is releasing their 2020 Survey results of 500 Americans who love camping. Want to know Camping Forge’s results? Well, keep reading to learn more!


USA, August 17, 2020 – Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned camper, there are always resources for you to expand your knowledge about camping. If you want to learn about different types of tents, fishing tips, and even glamping suggestions, the Camping Forge is your online resource for all things outdoor. 

Camping Forge is a community, and no matter your experience, you are a welcomed member. Camping Forge wants to encourage people to love the great outdoors and provides useful information regardless of your experience in camping. 

Since Camping Forge is a community, they surveyed 500 American campers. In this 2020 Survey of 500 American campers, the survey results state that at least 50% of campers use tents on their adventures. Camping Forge is home to a community of campers who offer excellent insight for your next camping excursion. 

Founder Mark Wilcox and Lead Writer Teena Kulakowski are camping enthusiasts with years of experience. From posts like “3 Secrets to Keep Your Tent Dry in the Rain” to “Griddles vs. Frying Pans: What to Choose,” there are tips and tricks to help you have the best camping experience possible. 

Camping Forge also offers readers style tips, like what type of camping gear to wear and the most stylish types. Moreover, since Camping Forge’s survey resulted in at least 50% of people use tents for camping, there are a plethora of resources for tent-specific content if you want more information on which ones are the best to choose for your needs. 

Want some rock-solid options? Camping Forge also has a “recommendations” page with every type of camping gear you can imagine. From sleeping bags, headlamps, knives, and tents, Camping Forge as a running list of the best quality products for your camping needs. 

Hungry for a bite to eat? Camping Forge also provides delicious recipes that are simple to make via fire. For example, their “Bacon, Beef, and Beans Dutch Oven Casserole” recipe that can be made over a fire. Camping Forge is truly a one-stop-shop for everything camping related. 

If you need some activities for your camping needs, then look no further then Camping Forge’s coloring activity books. These books include various animals from around the USA alongside facts about them. 

All in all, Camping Forge is the epicenter for camping enthusiasts or newbies who want to learn all that they about having a wonderful time in nature. Want to explore? Check out their website for more camping tips and reviews from Camping Forge

ABOUT CAMPING FORGE: Camping Forge was founded by Mark Wilcox, a camping enthusiast who recently got back into the world of nature. Wilcox, along with Lead Writer Teena Kulakowski, join forces as the dream team of offering excellent camping advice. Whether you need recommendations about supplies, recipes, or general tips, Camping Forge is your all-in-one resource for your camping needs. 

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