C47 Films Associates is a full-service video production company & branding agency founded in 2009. Their 10+ years in business in the Orlando area has netted powerful results with more than 40 industry awards (film/tv/advertising), multiple viral sensations, and the trust of major national & international brand.


Kissimmee, FL, January 9, 2023 — C47 Films Associates is a full-service video production company and branding agency with over 10+ years in the Orlando area. They have netted powerful results with more than 40 industry awards in film, tv, and advertising, multiple viral sensations, and the trust of major national and international brands. Now, they are proud to announce they’ve been hired for the third time for video production services to support the Lung Association of Central Florida at their Lip Sync For Lungs Comedy Fund Raiser.

The Lip Sync For Lungs Comedy Fund Raiser is an incredible initiative that has raised over 38k to fund lung health programs and research during its latest editions and hopes to reach the same goal during the one that will happen this January 12th.

At C47 Films Associates, they believe in doing the right thing. Not only is that a moral maxim, but it’s also how they choose their path for creating creative content. That’s why they choose not what’s “cool” to them, but what’s RIGHT for the audience – If it’s totally “cool,” that’s a BONUS, so that’s one of the reasons why they’re so proud to be part once again of the Lip Sync For Lungs Comedy Fund Raiser.

About C47 Films Associates:

Before founding C47 Film Associates, Josh and Shannon, the founders of C47 Film Associateswere both actors on a Christian sketch comedy show called 360TV. While it was undoubtedly humble beginnings, that show took off! After it grew to be viewed in more than 1000 markets worldwide (including 3 satellite networks!), their careers took shape. Modern C47 Films projects still infuse the showmanship and entertainment values that were borne of the “old 360 days” as Josh calls them. In fact, in late 2021, the C47 Team created a short film for a local brand that included cameos from Santa himself and a whimsical, if not funny, series of circumstances that really elevated the character of their brand image. That’s what C47 does best. In fact, Olaf may have said it best from Disney’s Frozen: “Warm Hugs”: They like to give them, and they do it with quality, on-point video productions.  

In simple words: at C47, they’ve made award-winning movies, documentaries, TV shows, and short films… And bring all the power of their success to YOUR BRAND & YOUR CONTENT.  Contact C47 Films, your Orlando Video Production Experts and Digital Marketing Pros, so they can help you grow your business!

For more information about C47 Films’ top-quality services, visit c47films.com, and don’t forget to look out for this year’s Lip Sync For Lungs Comedy Fund Raiser. “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” #LipSyncForLungs

Contact Info:

Organization: C47 Films Associates
Address: 4701 Golden Beach Ct, Kissimmee, FL 34746
Phone: (407) 990-1200
Website: c47films.com