Buzzify is excited to announce the launch of its new groundbreaking eBike subscription service in Toronto. With a focus on providing convenient and affordable access to high-quality eBikes and scooters, Buzzify aims to revolutionize the way delivery couriers and commuters navigate the bustling streets of the city. This eBike rental company offers access to high-quality eBikes and scooters equipped with powerful motors, long-range batteries, and all-terrain capabilities.


Toronto, ON, March 25, 2024— The food and grocery delivery boom has seen a surge in delivery drivers, and navigating Toronto’s bustling streets requires efficient and reliable transportation. Enter Buzzify with a brand new eBike subscription service designed to make eBikes accessible and affordable for everyone, especially delivery couriers for companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, and Instacart.

Buzzify recognizes the critical role that micro-mobility solutions like eBikes and scooters play in efficient urban transportation. Traditional bicycles are being quickly replaced by rent electric cycle alternatives, offering riders increased speed, range, and endurance. However, the high upfront cost of purchasing a quality eBike, typically exceeding $2,500, poses a significant barrier for many individuals.

“We understand the demands delivery drivers face,” says Bill Kwan, CEO of Buzzify, “Our high-quality eBikes offer extended range, all-terrain capabilities, and powerful motors, ensuring riders can conquer the city efficiently and comfortably, regardless of weather conditions. By offering flexible subscription models starting from just $65 per week and $225 per month, we aim to make high-quality eBikes accessible to all without the burdens of ownership.”

With pickup locations conveniently situated in Leslieville, a mere 10 minutes from Downtown Toronto, Buzzify provides a hassle-free experience for subscribers. The company makes sure that each e bike for rent is meticulously maintained, ensuring smooth and efficient rides for users navigating the city’s streets.

“Our subscription service is designed to cater to the diverse needs of riders, whether they are delivery professionals, commuters, or leisure-seekers. By eliminating concerns related to maintenance, damage, theft, and insurance, Buzzify offers a cost-effective and worry-free alternative to traditional ownership,” adds Bill.

Buzzify’s eBikes boast impressive features: powerful motors (500W+), long-range batteries (up to 30AH, over 1000wH) capable of exceeding 150 km on a single charge, and all-terrain fat tires that conquer snow, rain, and rough roads. Riders can explore the city without worrying about potholes, streetcar tracks, or curbs, thanks to the eBikes’ hydraulic brakes and robust design.

In addition to ebike rental, Buzzify offers a range of accessories, including extra battery packs, locks, alarms, and winter gear to enhance the riding experience. The company’s certified technicians possess extensive expertise in eBike technology, ensuring prompt diagnosis and resolution of any issues that may arise.

Ditch the traffic and embrace the freedom of e-mobility! Explore Toronto on a Buzzify eBike with flexible subscription plans. Join the Buzzify movement and embrace a smarter, greener, and more efficient way of navigating Toronto’s urban landscape.

About Buzzify:

Buzzify is a Toronto-based company dedicated to making eBikes accessible and affordable for everyone. They offer a variety of subscription plans catering to delivery drivers, commuters, leisure riders, and anyone looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to navigate the city. Beyond subscriptions, Buzzify offers a comprehensive repair service handled by certified technicians, ensuring your eBike stays in top condition.

Contact Information:

Organization: Buzzify

Contact Person: Bill Kwan

Phone Number: +1 (647) 559-3881

Address: 388 Carlaw Ave. Unit 101B Toronto, ON M4M 3P1

Email: [email protected]