A wedding day is a huge deal for the bride and groom. In many ways, it is also a big day for the mother of the bride. You watched your daughter grow up and raised her. Now, you will be giving her away to begin the next chapter of her life. In some ways, it is a celebration of you, too, because she would not be where she is without you. So, while the wedding is your little girl’s special day, why not make sure you look amazing, too?


Jovani’s Mother of the Bride dress collection features a range of incredible styles. From simple and elegant to sophisticated and intricate, you can find anything to fit your personal aesthetic. Our dresses have a variety of colors, necklines, waist lines, and more. Put simply, there is a style for every mother to celebrate her daughter’s special day. From amongst our mother of the bride dresses (and mother of the groom dresses, of course) anyone can find the perfect gown for everything from the rehearsal dinner to the reception.


Where to Start


Most weddings have a theme or a color scheme. As the mother of the bride or groom, you will probably be intimately familiar with it. The theme is a good place to start when searching for the right gown. You will want to search for evening dresses that fit into the theme or color palette. This will already significantly narrow your search. From there, it is all about your budget and your desired shape and fit.


Like most long formal dresses, mother of the bride dresses often require alterations. For that reason, you will want to begin your shopping quite early. This is especially the case if you want to have different dresses for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. With our extensive collection of rehearsal dinner dresses, plus size dresses, and more, there is a gown that is exactly what you need.


Choosing the Right Style


There are many black tie dresses to choose from in the mother of the bride collection. There are A line dresses, empire waist, sweetheart neckline, and off the shoulder. Dress materials can come in satin, lace, and many other fabrics. What should you look for in the perfect mother of the bride dress?


Everyone’s tastes and style vary. Only you truly know your body type and what will be the most flattering. For instance, lace evening gowns are a popular choice for mothers of the bride. The look is classic, elegant, and often quite modest. This is what many women look for in a dress to celebrate their child’s big day. However, some women choose to go a little more bold or colorful. This may depend on the theme and color palette, as well as their daughter’s wishes.


We have dresses for all these women and for all tastes in between. Below are the factors to consider when choosing the best dress for your daughter’s wedding day.


The Waist/Shape


Different waistlines flatter different body shapes. Whether petite or plus size, we have dresses for all body types. Most women know what waist line flatters them. However, they may not know what it’s called or what looks best. This is where the fit and shape of the dress come into play.


You want a fit that is comfortable for you. If you like fitted, you will want a tighter dress. However, if you want a more modest look, a higher or longer waist line might be what you are searching for. Only you know how you feel in your dress, so only you know how you must fit into the picture-perfect image of your daughter’s wedding day.


There is a wide variety of dress styles with different waistlines and fittings. A mermaid gown is a timeless, sensual style. For formal weddings and for women who are comfortable with a form-sitting dresses, this is the perfect shape. It hugs the body without being too showy. Our elegant mermaid gowns come in all different colors and fabric types, including lace and sequins. You do not want to outshine your daughter on her big day, but there is no harm in flaunting what you’ve got!


An A-line is another classic shape, with a higher waistline and a flowing skirt. Many of our formal gowns are A-line. The cut for these can be off the shoulder, long sleeved, and many more. The style is versatile and comfortable, but still classy and beautiful. We have black and white dresses, sparkling dresses, flowing gowns, and more with an A-line shape.


Some women live by the adage “go big or go home”. We have formal dresses for them, too. Our elegant ballgowns are breathtaking without being overpowering. The bride will be the center of attention, but you might get a few comments yourself at the reception. For a mother who wants to feel like a regal queen, these are the perfect gowns.



The Fabric & Color


The color of the mother of the bride dress can speak volumes. As mentioned before, many women will select a dress based on the theme of the wedding. However, this isn’t the only option. You also can select a dress based on the statement you want to make. Bright, bold colors proudly announce that you are the bride’s mother. Neutral or more toned-down palettes exude a quiet elegance. We have colors that span the entire rainbow. As well, our collection includes nudes, black and white dresses, metallic sheens, and more.


The fabric also plays a role in the overall look of the dress. Lace has an effortless, timeless beauty. Many mothers of the bride choose this fabric and pattern for their dress for the big day. There are many colors and lace designs available, from florals to intricate patterns. With so many variations in lace dresses, you’re sure to find something you love in our collection. Furthermore, our lace dresses come in many different necklines, lengths, and styles. Whatever the theme or vibe of the wedding, there is a lace dress that works.


Sequins and sparkle are also popular choices for mother of the bride dresses. Sequins have a metallic sheen, and a classic monochrome look is rarely a wrong choice. You can find plenty of colorful sparkly dresses in this collection as well. Or, if you prefer, you also can find more classic, subtle sparkles in black, silver, or gold. Remember to consider the bride’s dress though. If she has no sparkle, it might be better to hold off on the sequins.


Satin is an elegant, understated look that can fit perfectly into nearly any wedding party. There is a subtle shine to the fabric that makes you feel ethereal. However, it avoids the extra glitter that might outshine the bride. Our satin evening gowns come in many colors, lengths, and shapes. With such a varied selection, any mother of the bride can feel beautiful in a sleek satin gown.


Don’t Forget Accessories


On top of styles and color, don’t forget the importance of accessories. While the attention should be for the bride, there is nothing wrong with looking beautiful alongside her. Accessories offer the perfect complement to pull together any look you’re going for. Whether you desire decadence or refined elegance, the right accessories are out there.


When searching for accessories to match your dress, you want to be age appropriate. A small clutch or handbag is a perfect, age appropriate accessory. Plus, it allows the mother of the bride to keep assorted personal necessities. There are tons of clutch styles and shapes available to suit your tastes.


With jewelry, sometimes understated is better. You can find classic gold necklaces and earrings to complement any dress. Pearls are also a popular choice for mothers of the bride. However, there is also nothing wrong with a good piece of statement jewelry, especially if your gown is a simpler in style. With a subtle gown, a good overstated piece for accessory can be a bold but perfect choice. You can find statement jewelry in a shade similar to nearly any metal or gemstone, and at any budget range. The same goes for classic pearls or gold and silver chains as well. Any mom can find the perfect detail to accent their look for the joyous occasion.


A good sensible shoe is the best way to tie a mother of the bride look together. Your daughter’s wedding might require quite a bit of movement, walking, helping your daughter, etc. As such, you want a classic shoe that is comfortable but fun. Small heels or wedges can be a great choice depending on the dress, but so can a sensible flat. Shoes are just as versatile as dresses, so you can find a good pair of flats or heels in any price range and any color. All you have to do is decide the look you want to achieve.


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The extensive Jovani Mother of the Bride dresses collection has a dress for any mother hoping to celebrate their daughter’s special day in style and glamor. We offer countless combinations of necklines, waistlines, fabrics, colors, lengths, and more. With such a wide selection, any mother can find exactly the dress they need to enjoy the wedding. Furthermore, we can alter or customize almost any Jovani dress. No matter your taste, you can find the right dress. Browse the Mother of the Bride collection now and find the perfect gown for the perfect day!